This post is exclusively for men, you can choose to read if your are a woman.

As a man, if you take counsel from the woman consistently, your future is at GREAT RISK!

A female doctor can perform surgery on you successfully, a female pharmacist can prescribe drugs for you when sick but no woman, your mother INCLUSIVE, can teach or tell you anything about what it means to be a MAN!

I have seen women tell their sons what course to study in school, who to marry and the like. Women, giving counsel, often with good intentions but too emotional and short-sighted to see their complete LACK of any capacity to make any useful decision on behalf of the male child, lover, or spouse in matters which require his SOLE DISCRETION TO MAKE!

A man forfeited an opportunity to study Law in Britain because he responded to the cries of his wife who felt he was leaving her here in Nigeria, today that man will carry that regret to his GRAVE because he still has the visa and admission papers to oxford.
He wanted to study law because his father who was not learned was duped and dispossessed of his land by the very lawyers he hired to defend him in court.
Knowledge of the law would have been all the defense in the world this man would have needed to regain what his father had lost.

Ever heard of Mummy boys? Look closely at how they turn out; more often than not, they’re weak, indecisive, just like women, because they have allowed their lives to be controlled by the counsel and decisions of women.

A woman will never be in any position to tell or teach you anything about manhood, they don’t have that information,
Married or not, if a decision will improve your life and that of your family, make the decision, if the woman ur married to wants to cry to DEATH, SO BE IT.

I told a friend of mine during the good luck years to get involved in politics in aka Ibom state, he had the access and contacts, he said he will hardly be home with his wife and son.
I told him you will be home occasionally and this job will last no longer than 4 years max! A period after which he would have made 1 billion Naira minimum.
His wife was complaining, her husband should always be around, .
Today, they are seriously STRUGGLING TO SURVIVE!!!

4 years have passed and that opportunity GONE FOREVER!

If you are a man, BE a man! If you die today the same family will move on without you, a sacrifice for a few months, maybe years in the planning of a rock-solid future will not kill anybody!

I grew up around relatives, I know what it is for women to be selfish and controlling yet cry wolf and point fingers at the man.

I have seen women beaten blue-black by calm men because they wanted to control their husband, when it backfires, they cry wolf and resort to slander when finally returned to their father’s houses!

The man is the head of the home because he rules and leads from LOGIC & PRINCIPLE, a position the woman is biological INCAPABLE of functioning in, u know why?
Because emotions are as stable as a REED IN THE WIND!

If the decision puts you and your family at an advantage, TO HELL WITH THE FEELING OF YOUR WIFE, MOTHER, SISTER, AUNT, and the rest of them.

It doesn’t make you a MISOGYNIST, it makes you a MAN!

TOMORROW, when poverty comes because of their advice, you will be the topic at the hairdressing saloon between her, her relatives, and friends, they will scoff and laugh!
But when prosperity comes, they ask you to come to take titles in the village!

If you are a young man, make friends with older men and learn from their accounts and counsel.
Outside the professional world, a woman has very little business or capacity to give you the man, ANY ADVISE!

thank you,