Harmonisation is the best way out for APC Akwa Ibom State

Harmonisation is the best way out for APC Akwa Ibom State

🎉Harmonisation is the best way out❗

APC is a one big family in Akwa ibom state, but few minds within the party have chosen to destabilise the party by taking sides (being in solidarity with a particular leader) and smearing other leaders of the party, a very wrong approach indeed. I have said it time without number, elections and litigations had long come and gone, we lost as a party and the shame returned to us as a party and not as individuals, all we need now is to get back to the round table, re-strategise , harmonise all unit and come back as a whole. I wonder what we will stand to gain fighting within ourselves when the 2023 we are assuming now is very far from us.

No one, I mean no one alone has the Monopoly of managing a political party no matter how rich and influencial such person may be, it is a collective duty we all must engage in, every unit of the party from different tribes, ethnic groups and LGA’s need to come together, harmonise, work collectively, set goals and objectives so as to ensure such targets are being meted..

Since after the general elections, some party faithfuls have taken it upon themselves to blackmail certain leaders of the party so as to take glory to another leader within the same party maybe to pursue their ego or drawing the leader’s attention to themselves, I can’t join such trend because when those leaders meet at their level ground to take decisions, you the supporter becomes a victim after their reconciliation. This in house fight for supremacy in APC is very terrible and we must do everything to quench the fire now before it consumes us..

I am an advocate of support the party in entirety at least till the heat of an election returns, it’s too early to talk about 2023 when several issues regarding governance are left un-tackled especially as an opposition party which we are in the state. With the way we are going, we may become voiceless as a a major opposition in the state.

I support every leader of the party, I promote the activities of the party so as to bring the glory back to the party. Most of us here in the media have taken it upon ourselves pro-bono and out of passion to showcase the activities of the leaders of our party at the presidency, in the state and at the local level just to cover up the shame that bequeath on us after we lost the 2019 election. The energy we assume now is even more than what we had prior to the 2019 elections just to keep the flag of the party flying high even with an empty stomach. it’s high time we synergize the different factions of the party or else we will pack the party in pieces to 2023 which can never pay us any good..

All those clamouring for sectionalism in the party, it’s high time you have a rethink and know that party is a union and without unionism goals aren’t achieved. Party goals can never be achieved unilaterally but collectively.

Let’s bring back that togetherness and the fighting spirit so we know how to tackle our real enemies constructively.

I am Elnano Unyime and I approve this message.