Hafthor ‘Thor’ Bjornsson shows insane strength in video of him deadlifting weight of an entire family

HAFTHOR BJORNSSON showed off his unbelievable strength again for his fans on Instagram earlier this year.

The strongman and ex-Game of Thrones star uploaded a video of himself deadlifting 320kgs.

Hafthor Bjornsson showed his amazing strength for Instagram followersInstagram @thorbjornsson

The strongman lifted 320kgs – which is equivalent to the weight of a whole familyInstagram @thorbjornsson

The 34-year-old did two reps of the weight – which is equivalent to a whole family.

And ‘Thor’ breezed through the set with minimal fuss in another show of his amazing strength.

A couple years ago he was filmed deadlifting a remarkable 501kgs, which is still a world record.

Bjornsson played ‘The Mountain’ in hit HBO series Game of Thrones.



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And he towered over world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury’s team when they met up this year.

The Icelandic strongman posed with Tyson’s dad John, boxers Joseph Parker and Derek Chisora, and Ricky Hatton ahead of the Gypsy King’s world title defence against Dillian Whyte.

Bjornsson uploaded the photo to his Instagram account, writing: “Hell of a day/night ahead. #FuryvsWhyte.”

He stands at 6ft 9in – the same height as WBC heavyweight king Tyson.

But the Game of Thrones star stands a lot taller than Chisora, Parker, big John and 5ft 7in Hatton.

Bjornsson, 34, beat fight rival Eddie Hall, who he called out in May 2020 after he broke the Brit’s 501kg deadlift record.

Bjornsson also had three tune-up exhibition bouts in preparation for the grudge match with Hal.

He even claimed he would one day fight his boxing idol, even if he has no hope of winning.

ProbellumHafthor Bjornsson beat rival Eddie Hall in a long-awaited boxing match[/caption]

Bjornsson told Muscle and Health: “I know I’d get my ass beaten against Tyson Fury today, but if I was offered that opportunity, I would not turn it down.

“The opportunity to fight someone that great would be an honour for me and I just couldn’t say no to that.

“But I would get my ass beaten, that’s for sure.

“I’d need far more experience and a few more years under my belt to stand a chance against someone that good.”