~Encourages agitators to come to the roundtable with leaders for discussion

The Chairman South East Governors’ Forum and Governor of Ebonyi State, Engineer David Nweze Umahi has restated that the Ebubeagu Security outfit in the Zone is targetted at criminal elements and not law-abiding citizens in the area.

Governor Umahi stated this while fielding questions from State House Correspondents in Abuja on Thursday.

The Governor while clarifying that the Ebubeagu Security outfit was backed by law, enjoined law-abiding citizens to always go about their normal businesses without fear of intimidation from the Security outfit.

He warned criminal elements to leave the zone as the Security outfit would not spare them for any reason.

“So, it is peace that the South East Governors are preaching and the Ebubeagu that is frightening some people especially Politicians in the South East is not the translation of the local Vigilantes that we have always had, it is a kind of Regional Security Corporation. The Imo State Governor has signed his Ebubeagu onto law and it has come to stay, once you are not a criminal, you are safe and it is to protect the people, once you are not a criminal, you are safe in my State but no matter what name you bear and you are causing trouble in the South East, Ebubeagu will address that together with other Security Agencies”


Governor Umahi who appealed to Youths of the Country especially the South East Zone who are engrossed in agitations to sheath their sword, promised to take their demands to the Federal Government if they would transmit them to the Governors.

“I have offered along with governors to our youths, present to your demands in prints and hand over to us. There’s no region in this country today, that do not have one thing or the other against the federal government. But we can sit down to discuss and that’s what we are demanding from our youth whether banned or unbanned so far you’re from South East. Let us see your demands, let us see your grievances and give us six months to engage the federal government to address all these because I believe in dialogue. I believe that we can sit down as people to discuss and find our differences, and we can learn differences and also we can together discuss how we can strengthen our operation as a people.

Francis Nwaze

Special Assistant to the Governor

(Media and Publicity)

May 20, 2021.