Golf legend reveals drunk punter paid his mammoth $27,000 strip bar bill after girlfriend took him there as a treat

GOLF is often considered as a gentleman’s sport with old traditions and tucked in shirts.

But John Daly broke that mould both on and off the course with his often-hilarious antics and colourful outfits.

GettyJohn Daly has revealed how a fan once paid for his $27,000 tab at a strip bar[/caption]

And he revealed one of his unbelievable tales recently as he told all about a fan paying his $27,000 (£22,000) strip club bill.

The two time Major winner was speaking on the Full Send Podcast, when he explained how a drunk fan ended up footing his mega bill after he missed the cut at The Masters.

He said: “Augusta when I missed the cut. I was very mad, I should’ve made the cut, but we go to the [strip club].

“I had a girlfriend Shanae, she was beautiful, I loved her. And she goes, ‘I’m gonna take you to the t***y bar’.

“We went straight to the dungeon downtown, Augusta.”

He went on to say: “When I paid my tab of $27,000 there was a drunk sitting behind me [yelling] ‘John how you doing man? I got your tab don’t worry about it!’

“I said ‘You do NOT want this tab dude, no way!’ and he said ‘let me see it’.

“[He saw it was for] $27,000 and he looked back and he goes: ‘I got you.’”

GettyDaly was nicknamed “Wild Thing” because of his wild reputation on the PGA Tour[/caption]

Daly garnered himself a reputation on the PGA Tour for having a carefree attitude and bringing something different to the game.

And despite winning both the PGA Championship and The Open, it was his life away from the fairways that often made the news.

Sherrie Daly, the fourth ex-wife of the 57-year-old revealed in her book, Teed Off: My Life as a Player’s Wife on the PGA Tour, that she had to fight off strippers that were surrounding her husband during their days together.

GettyDaly’s fourth ex-wife Sherrie has recalled having to fight off strippers whilst with the golf pro[/caption]

GettyDespite his antics Daly was still an exceptional golfer and won The Open Championship at St Andrews in 1995[/caption]

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