Gold Prime contest: Fans convinced they’ve WORKED OUT secret code to win KSI & Logan Paul’s £400k gold Prime bottle

FANS of internet megastars Logan Paul and KSI think they’ve figured out the secret code needed to win a £400,000 gold Prime bottle.

Eagle-eyed viewers have noticed a special number in a recent video by YouTuber Mark Rober that might just be the key to the 24k solid gold sports drink.

@drinkprimeLogan Paul and KSI have released a special gold bottle of Prime but to get it you need to unlock a bulletproof case but fans think they’ve already figured out how[/caption]

Twitter/MarkRoberFans think one of these numbers could be the key to getting the case unlocked and grabbing the bottle worth over £400,000[/caption]

GettyPrime is celebrating its billionth bottle with the major competition[/caption]

Two bottles, which are worth $500,000 (£405,687) each, will be locked in displays at separate locations in London and New York.

But they’ll be trapped inside bulletproof cases above molten lava.

The only way to get them out safely is to enter the right six digit combination that might’ve been finally solved before the competition has even begun.

Former NASA engineer Mark Rober – who built the case – posted a video to X, formerly known as Twitter, to tell his 500,000 followers how the competition works.

In the short clip, he showed off a series of numbers on the keypad when demonstrating how to submit a guess.

Many think one of these might be the actual one and Rober cheekily showed it to throw people off.

The insanely clever potential double bluff has been further enhanced as fans noted Rober has a history of “tricky” tactics in competitions like this.

A debate in the comments started, with one asking if the number could be simply inverted and be right as another wondered if it could be one of the smaller numbers just visible on the screen.

The social media stars are celebrating the sale of their billionth bottle of Prime since launching the product almost two years ago.

As a result of their success, they announced on Monday that a special prize is up for grabs.

A competition will open for just 48 hours from November 10, meaning fans will need to be super quick.

To stand a chance of getting your hands on the bottles, you need to guess a code and release it from the case.

Each person gets just a single guess but you only have 20 seconds to put in your attempt.

If no-one guesses correctly within 48 hours, the Golden Prime bottle will be completely destroyed.

Rober also included a fiery vat of molten lava in the case.

Directly beneath the bottle, the terrifying liquid is waiting to consume whatever is dropped into it, making it vanish forever.

In the promo video, Rober explains that the bath of molten copper is set at 1,093C – the exact temperature required to melt a gold bottle of Prime.

Excited fans of KSI and Logan Paul have already started guessing what the number could be.

One asked if the number was related to anything in particular or if it truly was just a random figure.

Another replied speculating: “Is it to do with a prime number??”

As a third chimed in saying: “It can’t just be a random number it has to have some sort of meaning. Maybe to do with the seven Sidemen or their boxing fights.”

After being introduced in January 2022, the hype for Prime caused chaos among supermarkets as teenage boys, in particular, scrambled for bottles.

A surge in demand even caused high prices among online resellers.

@drinkprimeFans will only have 48 hours to unlock the case and free the Prime from two locations in London and New York[/caption]

Popular YouTuber Mark Rober built the case and showed a video online of how it works – revealing the potentially vital numbers to hundreds of thousands onlineTwitter/MarkRober

@drinkprimeThe pricey bottle is also sat above a pit of molten lava in case no one guesses the combination within 48 hours[/caption]

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