Glamorous poker player who suffered repeated ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ apologises and vows to not ‘slip up’ again

A POKER player who suffered repeated wardrobe malfunctions during a game, which turned out to be a prank, has apologised.

Sashimi, who is known for her exploits on YouTube, took part in a live stream event called “Max Pain Monday” last week.

A poker player appeared to suffer an awkward malfunction during a game

Sashimi issued a pun-laden apology in a story on her personal Instagram account

During the game, she appeared to suffer repeated nip-slips while competing next to her other opponents.

But it turned out that she was actually wearing fake prosthetic breasts as part of a joke to distract her competitors.

The YouTuber has now shared a story on Instagram dubbed ‘I apologise about last week’ in which she issued a pun-laden apology regarding the incident.

Sashimi said: “I’m sorry for my little slip up last week.

“It’s easy to lose track of what’s going on when you are just hanging out.

“I promise to nip that behaviour in the bud. And I will keep you all abreast of future wardrobe choices.

“Thank you. By the way, it’s not fake.”

Sashimi’s wardrobe malfunction created much awkwardness around the table.


Even the poker commentator was taken by surprise as he swiftly picked up on the incident.

He could be heard saying: “Sashimi, come on, please.

“I’m looking away from the screen right now – are you, guys? Sashimi, come on, please.”

Sashimi appeared to have pulled a prank with prosthetic breasts

Sashimi was looking to distract her opponents with a “nip slip”