Glamorous poker player insists her boobs are REAL after suffering multiple wardrobe malfunctions in game

A GLAMOROUS poker player, who suffered multiple wardrobe malfunctions during a game, has insisted her boobs are REAL.

Sashimi, who is known for her exploits on YouTube, took part in a live stream event called “Max Pain Monday”.

A poker player appeared to suffer an awkward malfunction during a game

Sashimi insists her boobs are REAL

Sashimi was looking to distract her opponents

During the game, she appeared to suffer repeated slip ups while competing next to her other opponents.

Sashimi has apologised after taking social media by storm.

She has also insisted her boobs are not fake, and are very much REAL.

The poker ace said on her Instagram: “I apologise for my little slip up last week.

“It’s easy to lose track of what’s going on when you’re just hanging out.

“I promise to nip that behaviour in the bud. And I’ll keep you posted on future wardrobe choices.

“Thank you. By the way, they’re not fake.”

Many fans were left wondering if she won the poker game in the end, with some hailing her “good strategy”.

One said on social media: “This is actually a really good strategy.”

Another said: “Did she win! That’s one hell of a distraction.”

While poker player Sherry Pluskota called on Sashimi to “do better”.

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