Gary Lineker pokes fun at Harry Kane ‘s***’ row with cheeky quip live on BBC during Euro 2024 coverage

Gary Lineker pokes fun at Harry Kane ‘s***’ row with cheeky quip live on BBC during Euro 2024 coverage

GARY LINEKER made a cheeky joke about the furore surrounding his England criticism.

The BBC pundit called the Three Lions’ performance against Denmark “s**t” which saw Harry Kane bite back in a press conference.

BBCGary Lineker laughs at his own joke[/caption]

Paul EdwardsHarry Kane took issue with some pundits’ comments[/caption]

And Lineker referenced the headline-grabbing exchange at half-time in Italy’s clash with Croatia.

During a segment previewing England’s final Euro 2024 group game against Slovenia tomorrow, Lineker said “If Albania fail to win tonight, England are officially through to the last 16.

“Because even if they lose tomorrow they will go through as one of the best third-placed teams.

“I wish people would stop being so critical of them.”

Earlier, Three Lions chief Gareth Southgate insisted he had not paid any attention to Lineker’s comments.

“I haven’t heard what he said. I have heard one word.

“That is the world we are in. I am oblivious to it, it is not important to me at all.

“What is important to me is I have to guide this set of players confidently through the terrain that is the tournament.



“We are a high profile team and we have expectations and we fully understand everything we do will be scrutinised.

“I am very comfortable living that life. I don’t need to engage in the external because I am my own biggest critic and I think our players are as well.

‘We’re struggling with and without the ball’, admits Harry Kane

HARRY KANE admits England “haven’t been good enough” at the Euros.

Here’s what skipper Kane said after the disappointing 1-1 draw with Denmark:

“We’re struggling with and without the ball.

“The pressing in both games hasn’t been quite right. We haven’t been good enough, from top to bottom, from me to Picks (Jordan Pickford).

“Everyone is dropping below their level a bit, in terms of retaining the ball, playing under pressure.

“We know there’ll be a bit of noise and disappointment back home.

“But it’s a time to stay calm and we’ll get there step by step.

“It wasn’t our greatest game but we got away with draw.

“We are starting games well. But when the teams are dropping a few players deeper we are not quite sure how to get the pressure on, and who is the one who is supposed to be going.”

“In the second half, we changed it with me and Jude (Bellingham)  playing in front of their two midfielders. But it was difficult.”

“There is nothing to be gained from us listening to external criticism. We know what we have done well and are very honest about that.

“We know where we need to improve and we are brutally honest about that.

“That is how you coach a team and improve performance.”

Pundits and legends lay into England

ENGLAND’s lifeless display in the 1-1 draw with Denmark left pundits and legends queuing up to take a dig at Gareth Southgate’s team.

Here’s the best of what was said…


“Awful performance, particularly after going up in the game.

“I don’t think one England player can look at themselves and say, ‘I’ve done my job tonight’.

“England were all over the place, far too sloppy in possession, gave the ball away too much and got caught too many times.

“There was no energy, no pace, no guile — Southgate is simply not getting the best out of England’s best players.

“It’s concerning and Gareth will get some serious questions.

“You saw England players lying on their backs — they look absolutely shattered but there’s no excuse for that.”


The BBC host called the performance “lifeless and tepid”.

On Harry Kane he said: “He needs his manager to ask more of him. I would have expected that if I’d put in that kind of performance.”


“The players don’t look the same as they do for their clubs. It is a big concern.”


“Courage and bravery, we’re not really seeing it.

“There’s something amiss with the balance. Bellingham is waving his arms.

“This is a big test for Gareth. It looks like he’s overthinking things.”


“My big worry watching this and for the rest of the tournament?

“England look absolutely knackered. They can’t get close to the ball.

“The surest sign of fatigue is dropping deep.

“Declan Rice is having to cover so much ground. No-one can convince me this is a strategy.”


“It’s strange that we have taken the lead in both games so far, yet instead of it settling us down and giving us the confidence to play, we have failed to take control.

“But what was most worrying was that Denmark had a clear way of playing — while we didn’t.”

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