Gary Lineker can’t resist cheeky sex joke to Alan Shearer on Match of the Day after awkward moment at live Wolves game

GARY LINEKER left Alan Shearer and Danny Murphy in stitches on Match of the Day with a cheeky sex joke.

The host could not resist the quip with the show set to feature highlights of Liverpool’s 3-1 win over Wolves.

GettyGary Lineker made a cheeky sex joke as he introduced Match of the Day[/caption]

BBCAlan Shearer and Danny Murphy found it hilarious[/caption]

Lineker, Shearer and Murphy were previously the victims of a prank when the two sides met in January.

Wolves were facing Liverpool in a FA Cup tie live on the BBC when sex noises began to blast around the studio.

The trio continued broadcasting as panic, awkwardness and confusion set in as to where the sound was coming from.

It eventually emerged prankster Jarvo69 had planted a phone to play the noises.

Lineker began yesterday’s show by hilariously referencing the incident, saying: “I’m joined by Alan Shearer and Danny Murphy, and I’m a bit nervous, to be honest.

“We’ve got Liverpool and Wolves to come up a little later, and the last time you two were on with that game things got a little steamy.

“Please tell me you’ve turned your phones off.”

Lineker joked about the situation before in his first broadcast after it occurred, saying on Match of the Day: “Six games on the way, let’s hope we’re not rudely interrupted.


“Jermaine Jenas and Danny Murphy here. Danny, have you turned your phone off?”

Jarvo revealed after the prank he sneaked into the studio by posing as part of the TV crew in the days leading up to the match to plant the device.

He told SunSport: “These things are all about confidence.
“We got in because we made it look like we were meant to be there, so no one bats an eyelid.

“There were about four staff working in the studio. We tried not to speak to them much, just saying ‘How are you?’

“Our plan was to strap it under a chair or the table, but they might’ve got suspicious if we started moving stuff around.

“So we strapped it to the top of the wall and because of the colour no one could see it.

“We had a cheers with the beers afterwards then it was a waiting game, hoping no one had found the phone.”

BBCLineker and Shearer awkwardly spoke over the loud sex noises[/caption]

@GaryLinekerA phone was planted in the studio by a prankster[/caption]

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