Children in Class Room


I heard today is International Drugs Day, is it true? True or not, I have a message for you.

Warning: This is not a religious post, but a word of hope and help for you as a parent.”

I know most parents who are asking, “What have I done wrong that my children are misbehaving?”

Some are saying, “I wish I never had this child.”

I have not been there before, but my parents, especially my Mom, was there because of me.

I was the good church boy who became a bad boy, but God showed me mercy.

I was the biggest trouble my parents had. I was their biggest nightmare. I brought them shame and pain, but God changed my entire life and story.

I started smoking weed at age 9. I started stealing at age 10. I was arrested thrice before I was 15 years old. I was to join the cult group at age 10, but for 5 consecutive times I missed initiation.

I started selling weed by my age 12 and also had some boys who I was preparing to join the cult.

I almost became a father at age 14. My friends almost deceived me to have sex with a girl, not knowing she was already pregnant for someone.

At age 7, I was already exposed to pornography and masturbation.

Guess what? My parents never knew all of these things were happening in their presence. They were present but not available.

On the day I was to join the cult, we were given assignment to steal N17,400,000 (Seventeen million, four hundred thousand naira) I was 15 years old when that was happening.

To make the story short, that day, the many years of prayers for me by my bother was made manifest.

Out of the five of us that went to steal the money, four of us were killed (and I didn’t succeed in the mission), I am the only survival.

That morning, my mother made prayers for me before leaving for church, not knowing that I was going for armed robbery. Her words were, “Abibo, you will serve God faithfully. Abibo, you will not die before your time. Abibo, you will be a blessing to many families and generations. ” That was the exact day I received Jesus as my Lord and Saviour.

How did I start smoking weed and getting addicted to pornography? What were my parents mistakes? (I will share more in another post)

I don’t know what you are going through as a family. I don’t know the hurts, pains, troubles and sorrows you are in right now. But I want to let you know that their is Hope For Your Family.

There is Hope that comes from God and Hope that comes from Effective Parenting Knowledge.

With all of the challenges we face as parents and that of our children, I will say one thing to you; “Fight For Your Family.”


fight for your family

Coach Abibo Berepele
I work with parents to build loving families and responsible children that will build loving societies.