Fifa 23 fans in shock as game glitch sees Mbappe and Messi in VERY X-rated celebration

FOOTBALL fans have been left shocked by a Fifa 23 glitch involving Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe.

The clip shows Mbappe scoring a goal on Fifa Ultimate Team – a game mode on the video game.

The clip shows Kylian Mbappe celebrating on the ground

Lionel Messi then sits on top of the Frenchman

Mbappe then lies down in celebration and is joined by team-mate Messi.

But Messi unexpectedly sits on Mbappe in a very awkward position, sparking shock from viewers.

One wrote: “Damn that’s Messi.”

Another added: “Tbaggé.”

And a third said: “Hahahaha holy s***.”

Another commented: “Looks like things just got Messi.”

Mbappe and Messi are team-mates at Paris Saint-Germain.

But on Sunday they will go head-to-head for the World Cup as holders France take on Argentina.


And excitement is growing ahead of the big finale with Argentina fans gathering outside Messi’s grandmother’s house in Rosario to sign about the superstar.

Mbappe and Messi are the tournament’s leading scorers with five goals each, so will be fighting for more than one trophy at the Lusail Stadium.

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