Fans say ‘surely he’s made that up’ as Channel 4’s Dion Dublin ‘invents new word’ during England’s North Macedonia draw

DION DUBLIN had fans baffled as he was accused of “inventing new words” while performing his commentary duties.

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The former Coventry and Aston Villa striker was calling the action on England’s 1-1 draw in North Macedonia for Channel Four.

GettyDion Dublin was accused of ‘making up’ new words while commentating on England[/caption]

Another ex-Premier League star, Joe Cole, had earlier got viewers talking regarding his outfit choice as he performed punditry duties from pitchside.

However, shortly after Jack Grealish had a goal disallowed for offside it was Dublin’s turn to get trolled on social media.

Man City ace Grealish had fired home a cross at the backpost before VAR ruled it out – but Dublin use of the old school “POMO” phrase left those tuning in bamboozled.

And some even believed that he had simply made up the acronym – which stands for position of maximum opportunity in old school football chat – on the spot.

“What the f*** is Dion Dublin about? POMO? Have a word with yourself as an ex pro you chat absolute bilge,” said one viewer on social media.

Another said: “Dion Dublin ‘Pomo’ WTF are you talking about?”

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A fellow viewer wrote: “Just heard Dion Dublin say ‘POMO – Position of maximum opportunity. Surely he’s just made that up.”

“Pomo? Did Dion Dublin really just say that,” asked another.


Bemused viewers continued to ask the same thing, with another tweet saying: “Did Dion Dublin just say POMO?”

“Dion Dublin needs to get in the bin. ‘POMO’ is not a real thing,” claimed a fellow Ch4 viewer.

Despite the saying being used by veteran coaches for decades, the terminology still seemed to go way over the heads of today’s football fans.

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“POMO? Dion Dublin strikes again. Never heard that saying in my lifetime,” wrote another.

As another said: “Dion Dublin just making up his own acronyms now, POMO otherwise known as Position of maximum opportunity.”

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