Fans joke ‘can’t decide if Joe Cole is setting up removals company or off down the market?’ with outfit for England game

JOE COLE’S outfit choice led to Channel Four viewers trolling the former England star tonight.

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The West Ham legend was one of the broadcaster’s pundits alongside Joleon Lescott for the Three Lions’ final Euro qualifier in North Macedonia.

ReutersJoe Cole’s outfit choice for the trip to North Macedonia had viewers talking[/caption]

ReutersHe was part of Channel 4’s coverage of the game aling with Joleon Lescott and Jules Breach[/caption]

Jules Breach was on presenting duties for Ch4 – but it was the 42-year-old that got most fans talking before the game.

The weather conditions were freezing at the Tose Proesk Arena in Skopje.

Cole decided to wrap-up warm for the occasion as he worked from pitchside, donning a flat cap and a light brown mac jacket.

And his clothing attire soon had viewers talking on social media as they quickly took the mick out of the ex-Liverpool man.

One wrote: “Can’t decide if Joe Cole is setting up a removals company or off down the market?”

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A fellow fan commented: “Joe Cole looks exactly like the kinda guy you would avoid in the pub because he will tell you they don’t like men like the peaky blinders anymore.”

“I wish Joe Cole would take that hat off,” commented another X user.

“Joe Cole dressed like he’s on his way to a Mike Reid convention after the game,” read another response.


A fellow fan said: “Joe Cole looks like he’s just off to work on his fruit and veg stall.”

As another jokingly begged: “Please take that hat off Joe Cole so I can take you seriously.”

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Cole, who also works as a pundit for TNT Sports, won 56 caps for England during his playing days and scored ten times.

Channel 4Viewers were quick to take the mick out of his hat and mac jacket[/caption]

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