Fans come up with brilliant new nickname for Eddie Hearn as boxing promoter shows off incredible body transformation

FANS have come up with a brilliant new nickname for Eddie Hearn.

That’s after the boxing promoter showed off his incredible body transformation.

Instagram @kaipeacockfitnessFans have a new nickname for Eddie Hearn after he showed off his ripped new look[/caption]

Instagram @eddiehearnThe boxing promoter has undergone a stunning body transformation[/caption]

Hearn, 44, is one of the top names in his sport after representing stars like Anthony Joshua and Canelo Alvarez.

But his busy schedule saw his weight skyrocket to a hefty 19 stone 11lbs.

Hearn decided to embark on a stunning fitness journey to bring the number on the scales down.

And after dropping more than two stone, he now looks trimmer than ever after flaunting his muscles for the camera.

Wearing a vest while soaked in sweat, Hearn did his best bodybuilder impression to show off his guns.

He captioned his photo: “Work never stops even after the shoot.”

And delighted fans quickly coined a new nickname for him, with one labelling him “Shreddie Hearn.”

Another fan said: “If he can get into shape then anyone can. The busy life this man has is unreal but still finds time to get it done.”


Hearn used to top the scales at nearly 20 stoneSportsfile

Another added: “Done well has our Eddie, looking strapping.”

One noted: “Go on Eddie lad looking good.”

Opening up about his new healthy lifestyle earlier this year, Hearn said: “I’m 17st 2lb. At my heaviest I was 19st 11lb.

“But the reason I’ve completely changed my approach to fitness is because I want to feel better.

“If I feel great, I’m successful. That’s how my life has changed over the last year to 18 months.

“I’m not 28 anymore, I’m coming up to my 50s.”