Fani-Kayode Breaks Silence On Abia Delegate Issue In APC Convention

Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode has taken to his Instagram account to react following a picture of him wearing an ‘Abia delegate scarf’ at the just concluded national convention of the All Progressives Congress.

According to Fani-Kayode, he had no idea of what was written on the scarf until he saw the picture on the internet.

He noted that he was patiently seated when a friend of his placed the scarf which had Abia delegate inscription on it around his neck.

Fani-Kayode disclosed that he rolled on the floor and laughed when he noticed what was written on the scarf.

He wondered about the obsession Nigerians have towards him, adding that any issues about Fani-Kayode become a subject of discussion.

The former minister in the post wrote, “ON A LIGHTER NOTE: There I was sitting down quietly in my corner at the APC convention when a friend of mine came and placed an innocuous but beautiful little scarf around my neck which had “Abia state delegate” written on it.

“I didn’t even know what was written on the scarf until I saw the now famous picture plastered all over the social media today.

“Apart from that my friend and brother, the brilliant Dr. Reuben Abati, asked me about it during a live interview with Arise Television this afternoon. It was actually his first question.

“The question made me laugh and when I later saw others asking the same question all over the social media coupled with all manner of strange commentary I literally rolled all over the floor with even more laughter. All of this attention and interest over the words that were printed on a scarf?

“I wonder how my good friend and big brother Chief Emenike, one of the key leaders of our party from Abia state, felt when some said I was now claiming to be from Abia and that I was representing Abia at the convention.

“For the record I registered for the party in Abuja and I was not a delegate for Abia.

“I was there as a leader of the party from FCT and also as a member of the Media and Publicity Commitee for the Convention. And what a great day and convention it was!

“What baffles me is this singular obsession that many people from all over the country appear to have about me.

“Anything and everything to do with FFK becomes an issue and a subject of intense interest and scrutiny with them.

“The colour of my shoes, trousers, hair and eyes is the object of their interest and they simply cannot do without talking about me.

“Worse of all all manner of strange thoughts and fantasies take place when they look at my pictures. I guess it is each to his own.

“If looking at FFK’s pictures gives you joy and makes it a better day for you then so be it.

“Meanwhile I love all the attention. It keeps me looking young and puts a smile on my face.

“And yes I am from every part of Nigeria including Lagos, Osun, FCT, the North and the South.

“I belong to everybody and I belong to nobody.”

This article was originally published on Nigeria News