Fani-Femi Kayode isn’t a hypocrite!

Fani-Femi Kayode isn’t a hypocrite!

Truth be told, Fani-Kayode may be more useful to Buhari than the army of appointees around him, the man will go all miles to defend his new master, unlike the people Buhari appointed but can not stand in defence of him. List 5 ministers you see educating Nigerians on the policies of Buhari’s administration. You are benefiting from the canopy of APC but never seen in the open standing for the man that made it possible for you.

Buhari appointed a lot of people who in turn looked away from other members of the party. If those who Buhari appointed remembered those they started with, Buhari wouldn’t have been subjected to the combined and unfair onslaught by some justifiably disgruntled people. Imagine if Hadiza Bala and Mariam Uwais had carried Oby Ezekwesili and Aisha Yesefu along, do you think they would have become pain in the neck of Buhari? Some people assumed power and forget their circle, forgetting that your circle is the potency of your aspirations!

What are the lots of the members of the Buhari Support Organisation once headed by the current minister of Agriculture Mallam Mahmud? The members are not only forgotten but abandoned. Who abandons those who made things happen for you?

What happens to Bashir Ahmad’s Buhari New Media Center BNMC? You gathered young people who sacrificed their time and resources selling the Buhari brand only for you to leave them stranded without even the courtesy of appreciation! Besides Ismaeel Ahmed and Sanusi Ohiare who are consistently in touch with the young APC folks, show me any other beneficiaries of the APC benevolence that has given back to the circle they once shared!

You formed government, got appointed and leave those who shouted chanji upandan with you and hire cronies who were never near the toiling ground. Almost all aides to APC appointees are not people who struggled to enthrone the government. You can’t build a house with people and chase them into the rain for new occupants; that is a bad way of rewarding loyalty. Not all of us have the heart of enduring perceived see finish. Learn to remember those who made things happen.

Again, Fani is even more loyal than some of Buhari’s appointees, he shows his loyalty in the open and never in hypocrisy. At least, Femi justifies his motive unlike those who benefit from Buhari but are never out in his defence.

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