F1 star Alex Albon demands HUGE change to race weekends but fears it will never happen due to ‘TV money’

WILLIAMS F1 driver Alex Albon has demanded a huge change to race weekends but fears it will never happen due to “TV money”.

The 27-year-old has suggested that F1 should turn to a two-day race weekend to help teams manage the ever-increasing race calendar.

GettyAlex Albon has demanded changes need to be made to the F1 race weekends[/caption]

Albon told the Express: “I would love to see a two-day race weekend.

“Practice and qualifying on a Saturday and then a race on a Sunday. I don’t think that will ever happen as TV money is important.”

The Thai driver sits 13th in the driver standings and will be competing in the biggest F1 race of 2023 in Las Vegas.

But Albon has revealed the drivers won’t be able to enjoy it to the fullest due to the packed calendar.

The race’s inclusion was set to push F1’s race calendar up to 24 races before the Chinese Grand Prix’s exclusion due to Covid-19.

Albon continued: “I’m excited for Vegas. I think for us as drivers we don’t get to see that much.

“We’re kind of… hotel, circuit, and then airport. Vegas is not the last race of the season, unfortunately, so I don’t think we can celebrate it quite like the fans.


“But I’m sure that we can still take in the atmosphere.”

F1 will take over Vegas in November, but lights out is set for Sunday 19th at 6am UK time.

Albon says F1’s current amount of races is manageable but adds that compromises need to be made to ease the workload.

He added: “I think at the current state it’s fine. But at the minute there’s been no compromise about it.

“If we think about all the races we have been doing, the workload is still the same. The teams have to leave on a Wednesday more or less, sometimes a Tuesday.

“Work Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and then be back in the office on a Monday and then start again on Tuesday.

“Even in terms of drivers, to begin with, on Thursdays, drivers getting more free time went away quite quickly.

“For example, this weekend we went from Singapore to Suzuka. And on paper, it’s not much of a difference in time zone but we’ve just gone from a night race to a day race.”

“So, we’re moving nine or ten hours in terms of difference in the middle of a season and it takes a toll on everyone.

“As a team, we’re doing quite a good job; we’re on a rotation basis for most of the people who work here, which has helped.

“But still, it’s on the limit, let’s say that.”