Some years ago, I had an amazing night revelation; in the revelation, I saw two giants tall like electric polls and holding swords in their hands, following me wherever I went. Suddenly, in the revelation all manner of satanic arrows were being fired at me, including bombs; but none of it penetrated my body! And the people who stood watching that amazing drama were so fright at my person. When I regained myself from that vision, I decided to ask God on the meaning of the dream; and He said to me that those angels are my spiritual securities, guarding me against external forces that may arise against me. And He also said that every believer has angelic guards, which secures their lives. Right from that day; I knew that I am not alone, because I have invisible body guards!

An exceptional defense is extraordinary protection by the Almighty God. An exceptional defense actually means that you are too secured to be scattered by any devil. The defence of a nation execute the defense of the nation`s citizens. Where there is no defense, defeat is inevitable! I will like to discuss two major defenses that worth valuable:

  1. The defense of divinity

“When they went from one nation to another, from one kingdom to another people;  He suffered no man to do them wrong: yea, he reproved kings for their sakes; Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.” Psalm 105:13-15

God does not joke with the people under His custody; when God is with you, He will defend you to the end. Every producer has a product security, which is legally backs up. If human beings know how to secure what they value, God has more value for His own on earth. If you are born again, you are the anointed of God; and you have a right to the divine security of divinity. God does not waste His product that is why He defends them wherever he sent them to represent Him. Don`t you think that you are alone; spiritual angels are following you! It doesn`t matter where you are presently, God is there to secure you! The spiritual controls the physical, before your enemies strike physically, God has stroke them spiritually! If God opened your eyes to see how many times Satan wants you dead before your time, which God interjected his conspiracy against you; you would gather more courage on earth. There is no security on earth that can effectively guard you, except the security of God. If God secures you, Satan will be scare of you at all times! You have no fear of premature death, if God is your security.

  • The Defense of humanity. 1 Samuel 17

In our preceding scripture, David was a man who understood his divine back up; so, he couldn`t stand in the midst where Satan and his agents were oppressing the children of God. Goliath had oppressed the people of God for years, and for the fear of death, kings and princess became silent. So, Goliath became draconian to the land of Israel! When David came up, he was infuriated at the braggadocio of Goliath against his God. David knew it was time to defend the name of God; so, he killed Goliath, in order to silence him permanently! From today, I see the Goliath oppressing Nigeria and Africa dead suddenly, in Jesus Mighty name! Beloved, because God is your defense, you should carry the character of God. Don`t let the devil take what belongs to you; stand and defend it for your own good. It is your obligation to defend the name of God in your life; don`t let people mock you, silence your mockers, by securing who God is in your life. Don`t let people mock your God. Don`t let Satan mock your marriage. Don`t let Satan mock your business, relationship, education, and destiny etc. what you can`t defend, you lose it to the devil. I went to preach in certain village years ago, on my way returning home; a notorious witch or wizard blocked me boasted to kill me in seven days! And I replied him on the spot as the Holy Spirit instructed me “If you don`t die on the sixth day from today, then God didn`t call me.” That night, the man was beaten up by invisible angels, who afflicted him with insanity; and on the sixth day, he died! Don`t watch the devil finish you; defend your ground because you have the divine back up of God.

Beloved, what you fear is afraid of you; don`t give chance to the devil to chase and ruin your life. “God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of boldness and of sound mind.” (Emphasis mine). Again, you are too defended to be defeated; let this settle in your mind. Understand that you are not alone, because angels are guarding your life day and night. You will fulfill your days, and destiny. FEAR NOT!!! Remember that until you are saved by Jesus, you cannot be in safety in the shelter of God.                               


Salvation call is an invitation for you to make it right with God. Now is the right time for you to do it, because a time will come that you may look for it, and never found it!

If you are ready to rededicate or surrender your life to Jesus Christ now; repeat after me as stated below:   

“Lord Jesus, thanks to you for your word for me today, and thank you once again for dying for my sins at Calvary. I confess that I am a sinner, please forgive me and come into my heart as I make you the Lord of my life today. Please deliver me from every addiction of sin, as I rededicate my life to you as a backslider. Write my name in the book of life. Thank you Lord for saving me and I am now born again. Amen!  Congratulations!

God bless you; and Shalom!