Excellence Beyond Measures: The BAT vision on Budget, Fiscal Policy, and Revenue Generation (Part 2)

Excellence Beyond Measures: The BAT vision on Budget, Fiscal Policy, and Revenue Generation (Part 2)

Understanding budgeting, fiscal policy, and revenue generation will always take a country far

and wide. The Nigeria of today needs able personnel that understands what all this is all about. The legendary status of a game changer is highly valuable to an economy. Nigeria needs that structured ability that Tinubu possesses to a great extent.

What the Nigerian youths have seen so far is already a handshake beyond the elbow. Who is that person that can fix it? It is Bola Ahmed Tinubu. The recognition he commands for himself is all because of his good record and groundbreaking promises delivered over years during his time as a governor.

With BAT’s assistance in making sure that a state succeeds, imagine what he will do as a president only if you use your wisdom wisely and vote for a total retransformation of our country Nigeria. The affirmation needed to put the country in a stable economy has given an uproar from the people of the country – but when you watch it pass through, next time is not a very good friend.

What we need now is Bola Ahmed Tinubu to run a system that is promising to bring Nigeria into the spotlight of prowess that it deserves. If voted for, the Tinubu -Shettima administration promises to be a renowned experience for every Nigerian youth. It’s all about capabilities and trusted hands ready to work. BAT is ready to work and lift Nigeria and place it where it ought to be.


Bola Ahmed Tinubu has a well-strategized blueprint to take Nigeria to the next level in Budget, fiscal planning, and revenue generation. These plans are orchestrated to benefit every Nigerian citizen. The plans to achieve these plans are such as;

  • Run a lean legacy and efficient Federal Government.

The inefficiency of public service has to be done uprightly to curb what destroys it, corruption. A new and efficient service delivery system will be placed to make sure that government parastatals are not down with loopholes.

  • Budgetary discipline

Everyone knows how important every country’s budget is. Nigeria is not different when it comes to budgeting. There would be efficient carrying out of budgeting which is free from fraud and theft by some minority individuals.

Nigeria is a great nation. We have the power in our hands to do and realize what we want as a nation. It is in our hands to make Bola Ahmed Tinubu a winner because the nation is likely to experience what has never been done.

To download Asiwaju Bola Tinubu manifesto visit https://www.adhang.com/asiwaju-bola-tinubu-manifesto/

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