Ex-Man Utd star Bastian Schweinsteiger leaves female TV presenter flustered with flirty comment during World Cup final

FORMER Manchester United midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger left presenter Esther Sedlaczek flustered with a flirty comment at the end of the World Cup final.

The 38-year-old offered his expertise to German TV channel ARD during the tournament.

Esther Sedlaczek seemed flustered by Bastian Schweinsteiger’s comment

Schweinsteiger appeared on German TV throughout the tournament alongside Sedlaczekhttps://www.instagram.com/esthersedlaczek

The ex-Manchester United midfielder made a flirty comment during their World Cup final showRex

AlamySchweinsteiger joked about going on holiday with Sedlaczek[/caption]

He was there to see Argentina beat France on penalties after an incredible game finished 3-3.

But as Sedlaczek, 37, wrapped up their coverage of Sunday’s final, Schweinsteiger made things a tad awkward.

Sedlaczek said: “Basti, we’ve come to the end of it. That’s it for us. It was a lot of fun with you. Thank for that.”

The ex-Manchester United man then joked: “Thank you Esther, it was a lot of fun. Now we’re going on vacation together for two weeks, right?”

A surprised Sedlaczek initially responded “Yes, of course” before quickly correcting herself and saying: “No, no, no. Of course we don’t!”

She then pointed out: “Have fun with your family. And you have the last words in the studio.”

The camera then cut from the pair standing next to each other at Lusail Stadium back to the studio.

Schweinsteiger is married to retired Serbian tennis star and ex-world No1 Ana Ivanovic.

The couple, who tied the knot in 2016 after first meeting in 2014, have two children together.

However, any possible feelings of awkwardness were quickly brushed aside as Sedlaczek took to Instagram after the game.

Posting a picture of herself alongside Schweinsteiger, she wrote: “What a final. What a tournament this was. My first world championship as a host comes to an end.

“Thanks to Basti, thanks to the whole team and: Congratulations Argentina! It was a pleasure.”

Meanwhile, Schweinsteiger said: “The 2022 World Cup has come to an end with, for me, the best final ever and a more than worthy winner.

“Thanks to the entire @sportschau-Team for the great local cooperation over the last 4 weeks!”

EPASchweinsteiger is married to retired tennis star Ana Ivanovic[/caption]

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