Ex-England star Jesse Lingard is fined £57k after being caught drink driving behind the wheel of £400k Lamborghini

EX-ENGLAND star Jesse Lingard has been fined £57,000 after he was caught drink driving behind the wheel of his £400,000 Lamborghini.

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The former Manchester United footballer, 30, had only owned the flash motor for three months when he was stopped by cops on July 8 in Manchester while double the alcohol limit.

Eamonn and James ClarkeJesse Lingard was caught drink driving behind the wheel of his Lamborghini[/caption]

ReutersHe had only owned the supercar for three months[/caption]

It is the second time Lingard will appear before magistrates in less than two months.

He was previously banned from driving after he failed to name the driver when his car was caught speeding.

The midfielder’s Range Rover was flashed by a speed camera on the A56 in Trafford last year.

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Lingard, 30, then failed to give police the the name of the driver when he received a speeding notice at his home.

He pleaded guilty to failing to provide information about who was driving his vehicle at Manchester Magistrates’ Court.

The star was fined £900 with a further £560 in costs and banned from the roads for six months.

The ban came under a “totting up” process as Lingard already had points on his licence from two previous speeding offences.

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His lawyer claimed he was not the driver but missed the letter telling him to provide the drivers’ details as it went to his old address in Manchester while he was then living in Nottingham.

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