England’s Kyle Walker & John Stones to fly stray Qatari cat to UK for new life

A STRAY Qatari moggy being flown home for adoption by kind-hearted England stars was facing a four month wait to be reunited with them last night – and the snip.

Secret softies Kyle Walker and John Stones took the tabby to their hearts during their four-week stay and pledged to bring him home if England won the World Cup.

Kyle Walker and John Stones have brought home a stray Qatari cat for adoption

PADave was being cared for by the Qatar Animal Welfare Society[/caption]

But his footballs won’t be coming home – as he is due to be neutered today before being vaccinated and prepared for his new life in the UK.

Manchester City defenders Kyle and John stuck to their vow despite being knocked out by France in the quarter finals and he will now be flown to the UK in the new year.

And they must now decide which of them takes permanent custody of the lovable tabby.

Dave was last night being cared for by the Qatar Animal Welfare Society who have been paid around £2,000 by players to be microchipped and vaccinated against viruses including rabies.

He will be tested in three month’s time to be given the all-clear then accompanied on a plane to the UK.

Welfare society chief Janet Berry has been caring for animals in Qatar for 18 years after moving from Woking, Surrey and will care for Dave until he makes the 4,000-mile trip.

Janet, 58, said last night: “Dave’s a really lovely talkative tabby and it’s easy to see why the players fell in love with him.

“But I’m afraid he’s going to have to have the snip tomorrow as it’s the most responsible thing to do to reduce the population of strays and keep them healthy.

“He’s a beautiful cat and will be staying with me before he’s flown to the players because we don’t want him doing a disappearing act from the hotel.

“The FA approached me to help them after the players said they wanted him properly looked after and brought home.”

The player’s pledge to bring Dave home was at odds with hotel claims that Dave was staying put yesterday – and sparked a tabby tug-of-love riddle.

Souq Al Wakra Hotel manager Emad Nabulsi produced pictures and video of Dave playing inside the hotel grounds yesterday.

And he insisted the cat was happy and being cared for by his staff.
Mr Nabulsi – who sent a snap of Dave being petted by hotel worker.

Lorna Rejuso said last night: “The England players said their goodbyes to Dave and he’s staying in the hotel.

“Kyle Walker said he wanted to adopt him but I know nothing of any plans for him to go to England – he’s being well looked after here by our staff.”

Mr Nabulsi sent pictures and videos showing plump Dave relaxing by the hotel’s new pool – built especially for the players for the ill-fated four-week stay at the swish hostelry.

And he showed off a special care package sent by the Qatar Animal Welfare group with the card: “We would appreciate an opportunity to discuss how we can assist Dave with his future.”

Mr Nabulsi added: “Dave has been sent a supply of dry food by the welfare society to keep him fit and well nourished.

“There are lots of stray cats around the souk but Dave is now one of the fattest and healthiest after being fed at England dining tables for so long.

“I’m sure he misses the team because they were so kind to him but he’s very contented here.”

The players paid around £2,000 to have Dave microchipped and vaccinated against viruses including rabies

PAAnimal welfare chief Janet Berry will care for Dave until he makes the 4,000-mile trip[/caption]

Janet said: ‘Dave’s a lovely, talkative tabby. It’s easy to see why the players fell for him’

PADave the cat before leaving Al Wakrah on his way to England to be rehoused[/caption]

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