England fans change their tune on match-fixing ref as he gives controversial penalty after VAR check for foul on Kane

England fans change their tune on match-fixing ref as he gives controversial penalty after VAR check for foul on Kane

FANS have changed their tune on referee Felix Zwayer after he awarded England a controversial penalty against the Netherlands.

Harry Kane was caught late in the box by Denzel Dumfries after taking a shot at goal.

GettyHarry Kane was caught late in the area after taking a shot[/caption]

AFPReferee Felix Zwayer initially failed to award the penalty[/caption]

But he overturned his decision after reviewing the incident on the VAR monitor

ReutersThere was clear contact made on Kane’s foot after his shot[/caption]

His strike blazed over the crossbar as the England captain fell to the ground clutching his foot.

There was contact made but the referee initially failed to award a penalty.

However he was advised to review the incident on the VAR monitor and reversed his decision after watching the foul back multiple times.

But some fans were still surprised to see the spot-kick given and quickly showed their appreciation for Zwayer.

One supporter reacted saying: “Love this ref – never in doubt.”

Another added: “Love this dodgy ref to be honest ”

A third wrote: “I obviously love it but that is never ever ever a pen

“Shock it’s the ref that’s corrupt. Thank god it’s for us.”


Zwayer was charged with match fixing in 2006

It is a big change of heart from the England faithful, many of whom bemoaned the decision to appoint him for this match because of his chequered past.

The German official was banned from football for six months back in 2005 due to his involvement in a huge scandal.

Zwayer, who then worked as a linesman, accepted a £253 (€300) bribe from ref Robert Hoyzer to help him fix a second division match.

After his comeback, Zwayer was promoted to a Bundesliga official in 2009 and he has since been slammed by Jude Bellingham.

While playing for Borussia Dortmund, the England midfielder raged following a defeat to Bayern Munich as the Bavarians were awarded a controversial penalty for handball three years ago.

Bellingham said in a post-match interview: “For me it wasn’t a penalty. Hummels is not even looking at the ball and he’s fighting to get it. It hits him, I don’t think he’s looking at the ball.

“You can look at a lot of the other decisions in the game.

“You give a referee that has, you know, match fixed before, the biggest game in Germany – what do you expect?”

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