Engaging Divine Wisdom (Part 2)

“So that you incline your ear to wisdom and apply your heart to understanding.” Proverbs 2:2 (IKJV)

Those who are wise manufactures good news before it ever comes; because they don’t wait for it to arrive, rather they command it to arrive! Wise men don’t leave things to chance, they leave things to choice.

Wisdom is in the doing, and not in the hearing only. Wisdom is confirmed in the palace of action. Wisdom goes beyond theoretical teachings; the authentication of wisdom, is the practicality of the right knowledge.

According to Dr. David Oyedepo; “Without wisdom, no ministry can amount to anything. It is through wisdom that one experiences a breakthrough in ministry.”

Nothing you want to do in this life, which does not requires divine wisdom. Divine wisdom is the supernatural sense, to make incredible sense on earth. Supernatural wisdom super dominate natural wisdom.

The wisdom of God can reconstruct your marriage, destiny, business, educational career etc. Divine wisdom gives sweetness in any field you find yourself, while foolishness gives you bitterness in any field you find yourself!

Be wise and rise; be a fool and fail,” is one of the most powerful pieces of advice you will ever get in your lifetime.” Dr. Paul Enenche.

Wisdom is a choice for exhibition, and not by force! There are many keys to contacting wisdom, but I will mention three out of it:

  1. Divine Contact With God. John 3:16. God is the divine depot of wisdom, and when you encounter Him; you become a depot of divine wisdom on earth. Those who know God, are never foolish, because they are too wise to mess up on earth. If you need divine wisdom, you must run to God and stay with Him! Christianity is not a yardstick for mediocrity; there is not true believer that is a mediocre. If you have given your life to Christ, you should be more wiser in your dealings with people, everyday of your living.
  2. Depth In The Word. Joshua 1:8; 2 Timothy 2:15. The Bible is the Book of books; when you patronize it in your room of study everyday, divine wisdom will jump on you. To contact divine wisdom from the word, you don’t read it, you study it until you connect to light from the letter, vision from the verses, rhema from the logo. Beloved, your inflow determine your outflow. Your input determine your output. Your information determine your transformation. You see, when you are not informed by the word, you will be deformed in this world!
  3. Right Association. Proverbs 13:20. Relationship is contagious in nature; so who you move with, determine what moves with you! To associate with foolish people, is to be enslaved with foolishness in life! Anybody that can’t help your destiny to rise beyond where you are, should be discarded by you! Beloved, when you move with people that are wise, you will do exploits on earth. Friendship is not by force, it is by choice. When you chose to move with the right people, you will always be right in all your dealings in life. So, until you sought wisdom this year for the application of good knowledge, you may toy with every fortune or opportunity, coming your way! Be wise, so you can make waves in your field of vision.

Reflecting Prayers:- Father, thank you for the power of your word to me today. I reject every form of foolishness in all my dealings; I therefore receive grace to exhibit divine wisdom this year, for incredible success. Amen!

Spiritual Caution! Live everyday to please God, because one day, we will all stand to give account before our creator, on how we lived for Him on earth!

God bless you! Shalom.