We are Playing with Fire.

Those who are processing this Endsars protest should be careful.

The North will see or is seeing this endsars protest differently.

Who supplied the demonstrators with mobile toilets and raincoats?

The Northern political power brokers’ or elites’ silence on this endsars protest is pregnant.

Who sponsored FFK nation wide tours?

What is the motive behind Obj sudden tours across the nation?

FFK was obj minister and attack dog.

Professor Bolaji Akinyemi in an article openly accused Obj of running a parallel foreign policy completely at variance with every sitting federal government back to back.

Northern leaders have been disgraced / killed, rushed out of office or left office in mysterious circumstances. Balewa, Gowon, Murtala, Babangida, Abacha, Abdusalami, Yardua and now this endsars protest which motive is still opaque. Southern leaders who left office with the exception of Ironsi left office through constitutional means.

This Endsars protest has assumed new dimensions for which political demands or conditions to be met are being factored in.

The North will eventually interpret the protest as an attempt to force another northerner out of office.

It will soon become a north/ south divide issue and IPOB which is rabidly for secession issued a statement supporting endsars protest.

That is dangerous.

Buhari is still hugely popular in the north and his appointments covered all the zones of the north, Christians and muslims alike.

The endsars protest is assuming a different dimension.

It is going beyond the original intent of those who possibly planned it.

When Charly Boy carried his one man protest to Abuja market he was thoroughly roughened by northern boys.

There is only one way to change Government and that is through the ballot box.

The north is possibly on edge.

Please! Remember: Nzeogu coup had nationwide support but within 6 months it turned awry and one part of the country bore the brunt.

If i will not be too forward international, arms dealers may soon be knocking at our gates.

I am only musing while musing.

Please tell your ward or wards to be watchful.

The same advise I gave to mine.

The eyes of the crab is in its forehead.

The person coconut is broken on his head will not be a partaker in the eating.

I am still musing.