Going by the glorious ‘Eastern Shut-down’ over the weekend it is clear that Obi Cubana has got something clearly right. Be it entrepreneurship, social emancipation, youth empowerment, entertainment, gender inclusion. Literally, the event at Oba has shown that Government Appointments/Jobs isn’t and shouldn’t be the only aspiration of our people. Our citizens can be successful outside the Government and Obi Cubana and his associates somehow have clearly proven this!

The Obi Cubana Economic Policy should include but not limited to;

Business Investment. Government support for individual businesses both financially and otherwise.. .

50% Budget Sequestration. Relinquish 50% of the State budget to Obi Cubana and his nuclear group to administer but not without independent scrutiny…

State Deficit Reduction. If Obi Cubana’s event can raise over half a billion naira in one weekend then we can use this drive to formulate mutual taxation. Debt free states can be more trusted internationally…

Diversification. What items are popular in large ceremonies and how to enable young people to engage in these trades/ set up local production companies with Government backing… Can you imagine nearly 300 cows donated, how many Easterners supplied, probably none?

100k Regional Minimum Wage. Instantly increase minimum wage to 100k to all public and private workers; private wages subsidised by Government…

Debt Reduction. How the Government can reduce or write off individual and family debt giving Citizens opportunity for a fresh start through mutual donations like Obi Cubana’s type… Government could create bubble of successful individuals (social engineering) etc.

Signed: Hon. Cllr Celia Osakwe-Hibbert

Elected Councillor For Penn Ward Wolverhampton.

Immediate Past, Special Adviser to Imo State Governor on Diaspora Affairs