‘Don’t Depend On These Sycophants’ – Gumi Issues Warning To President Tinubu

Famous Islamic cleric, Ahmad Gumi, has warned President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, against implementing policies capable of destroying the country.

Naija News reports that the first policy of President Tinubu, on fuel subsidy, after he assumed office on May 29, has affected many sectors. 

In a short video shared on his official Facebook page, Gumi warned that some policies of the present administration could destroy the nation if not revised.

He urged the president to consult experts before implementing specific policies, adding that he should not depend on sycophants.

He said, “President Tinubu, you have to revise your policies; if not they are going to destroy the nation and they are also going to destroy your government.

“Your political and economic policies, you have to review them. You have to ask people who know better and don’t depend on these sycophants.”

What Bandits Told Me About Nigerian Gov’t, Military

Meanwhile, Ahmad Gumi, has revealed what bandits told him their grievances are during his previous encounter with them.

Naija News reports that Sheikh Gumi has, in recent years, become actively engaged in meeting with bandits, kidnappers and cattle rustlers terrorising the Northern part of Nigeria, a development that some citizens have condemned.

Speaking, however, during a recent interview, Sheikh Gumi, who insisted that having a roundtable talk is the way forward with the bandits, said the ‘criminals’ have told him that their grievances are that the government displaced them from their ancestral homes.

He said they further lamented that they were being killed and bombarded by airstrikes, adding that when they surrendered, security operatives came back and picked them up and killed them in an extra-judicial manner.

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