Don’t Close Your Eyes When Courting!

Don’t Close Your Eyes When Courting!

Disagreement Is Inevitable!

Don’t Close Your Eyes When Courting!

Marriage and Relationships must face disagreements. It is better for couple to know this and decide from the beginning that none of their disagreements will tear them apart.

It could come from any area in the relationship. It could be caused by external forces too, like in-laws or friends. But wherever or whatever could cause a disagreement, you must prepare in your heart that it won’t break your marriage.

That is why you should lay a good foundation for your marriage before going into it. The only reason you have to opt out of your marriage is when its life threatening.

I was teaching the youths last week that a man that hit you once in courtship will beat you mercilessly in marriage.

Most of the times, a lot of people see enough negative signs for a bad marriage before going into it. But they carelessly continue, and when they get married they want to opt for divorce.

Why don’t you opt out of a relationship you see signs for bad marriage? A lady/guy that you caught cheating severally in courtship, what else do you expect in marriage?

God is not wicked, he has revealed to you what this person will be. You need no prophet to know that. Courtship is not marriage, it is only a road to marriage! If you see continuous signs for a bad marriage, don’t continue, Go Back! A man that can lie for Africa! Chai! You can be sure what the future holds!

There is no disagreement without a solution, only the unexpected once get out of hand. If there is a frequent disagreement in the home on any thing, seek counsel and give it an appropriate solution. We shall not fall into evil in Jesus name.
God bless you for reading and settles you!

Evang Kemi Longe