Digital Marketing Packages in Nigeria

Digital marketing packages in Nigeria involve prices for different channels or components of digital marketing.  There are 6 components of digital marketing which are search engine marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, influencers marketing, mobile marketing, and internet display advertising.  All these components of digital marketing represent different digital marketing packages in Nigeria – depending on what your company wants to achieve.

However, different digital marketing agencies in Nigeria have divergent digital marketing packages, apart from the components, each of this components of digital marketing can further be broken down. For example, search engine marketing can be divided into SEO (organic) and sponsored search.  Therefore, you can subscribe for an agency in Nigeria based on social media marketing, or search engine optimization, internet display advertising, etc.

Also, there are digital marketing agencies in Nigeria that have all inclusive digital marketing packages.  Such agency is, online advert rates in Nigeria by AdHang include multiple websites, strategic planning, creative works and management of the advertisement, and all the digital marketing components above are factored in AdHang digital marketing packages. With AdHang, all you need is to choose a plan, send your brief; the Nigerian online agency will take it up from there. Within a short period of time, your advert will be everywhere online.

Note that AdHang will adapt its digital marketing packages in Nigeria to suit your industry and whatever objective or goal you want to achieve: awareness in Nigeria, educating a target audience, stimulating a demand, reinforcing a message, etc.  See AdHang’s online advert rates at and choose a package based on your budget.

It is important to mention that Digital marketing packages in Nigeria are standard plans or prices for those who want to start marketing online immediately without long story and who want to see what they will be paying for before the digital marketing commences.  There may be a case where you need just a particular job of digital marketing done for you, such as online press release distribution, video making, etc, you can request for such, although if you choose digital marketing packages in Nigeria from AdHang all these  and more are included.

Unlike traditional advertising where media buying in Nigeria may be charged differently from creative works making, and ads management; digital marketing packages make it easier to have your digital marketing in Nigeria to be handled by one agency and makes records and reporting much easier for you as a client.