David Beckham does a jig with wife Victoria in Netflix trailer for new documentary about his life and career

DAVID Beckham is filmed doing a jig with wife Victoria in a trailer for a new Netflix documentary.

The four-part series, Beckham, focuses on his life and career.

David and Victoria Beckham are set to star in a Netflix documentary about his career

The footie hero, 48, claims he was “drowning” when his fame soared and his England career briefly faltered in the late Nineties.

He adds that he “felt vulnerable and alone”.

David also talks of when Sir Alex Ferguson kicked a boot at him which cut his head open — and reveals he went for the Manchester United manager.

But Fergie is still seen praising him saying: “There was something inside him — that determination.”

Beckham is set to launch on October 4.

A key moment sees David, 48, go back to 1998 when he received a red card during the World Cup and was blamed for England’s defeat in a crucial match against arch rivals Argentina.

In the trailer a haunted looking David says: “I don’t think I’ve ever talked about it, just because I can’t.

“I wasn’t eating, I wasn’t sleeping. It took a toll on me that I never even knew myself.”

Spice Girl Posh is then seen talking about the pressures that being in the spotlight has brought to the couple and their four children over the years.

She says: “It’s really entertaining when the circus comes to town, right? Unless you’re in it…but he just kept going.”

Becks adds: “I don’t give up easy. I don’t give up.”

Posh, who met David in 1997 after the Spice Girls attended a Manchester United match at his suggestion, recalled when they started their relationship.

She says: “My manager kept saying: try and keep it under wraps so we would always meet in car parks – and that’s not as seedy as it sounds.”

David is seen adding: “Classy”

That only intensified the attention on him, but he says: “My life had become something different. It definitely didn’t change me.”

But the trailer quickly cuts to Sir Alex who says: “It changed there’s no doubt about that.”

David’s former idol turned foe is still seen praising him saying: “There was something inside him – that determination.”

David’s mum, Sandra, is seen commenting on how his modelling and ad campaigns became a potential distraction, she says: “We were worried that he’d lose all what he’d worked for, cause football come first and all of a sudden it wasn’t.”

His dad, Ted, also talks about how he didn’t shower praise on his son because he thought it might not encourage him enough.

He says: “If I told him how good he was, then he’s got nothing to work at.”

The four-part documentary explores David’s rise to fame

Sir Alex Ferguson, who split David’s head open after he kicked a boot at the footballer, spoke about David’s talent

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