Darts legend lost five stone after changing diet and using home gym.. and it helped him win final ever world title

DARTS legend Phil Taylor once lost five stone before winning a 16th PDC World Championship title.

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The Stoke-born star, now 63, is widely regarded as one of the best darts players of all time.

ACTIVE CHANNEL YOUTUBETaylor underwent a huge weight transformation before winning his 16th World Championship title[/caption]

active channel youtubeThe darts legend lost five stone[/caption]

He has won 214 professional tournaments in almost 30 years – 85 of those saw him claim major titles.

But Taylor is arguably best known for holding 16 World Darts Championship titles – more than any other player in history.

His most recent World title came in 2013 – shortly after he lost five stone in a stunning weight transformation.

Speaking to The Mirror after being crowned 10 years ago, he said: “I am a lot fitter and sharper, I can really tell the difference.

“I don’t think it is strange to do a programme like this. A lot of men are concerned about their weight and a lot of people want to get healthy.

“I have always wanted to lose weight and constantly tried diets but it has been very difficult.

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“This has been the first time I have succeeded. I aim to keep the weight off. I don’t want to get to 55, 56 and have a heart attack.

“Health is very important, much more so than money, so I am now very determined in doing this right once and for all.”


GettyTaylor is one of the greatest darts players of all time[/caption]

Taylor weighed 19 stone before his incredible transformation, and he put a lot of the weight loss down to his change in diet.

The Power added: “The great thing about healthy food is that you get fuller with it than other food, and it is better for you.

“You miss things like curries but we put a lot of spices and chillies in the food and they made it taste fantastic and are calorie free at the same time.”

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More than 10 years on from that historic win, Taylor still plays darts.

Last year, he entered the inaugural 2022 World Seniors Darts Championship but was knocked out in the quarter-finals by Kevin Painter.

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