Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit who gives life has set you free from the LAW OF SIN AND DEATH. Romans 8:1-2 (NIV)

The preceding scripture has given us two types of principles, which are laws that govern humanity. The first principle is the principle of life (positive principle), which I did discuss in the part two of Three (3) Dangerous principles of life. But the second one, which I sighted by inspiration in this specific scripture is, damaging principle!

Damaging or Negative principle is the law that is sponsored by sin, which actually leads to death, either physically or spiritually! To damage means to destroy, injure, harm, spoil, break etc. Damaging principle is a negative principle, which leads to negative experiences in life. I want you to know that principles are codes that program the human life. So, negative principle programs the life of a man to constantly walk in the path or lane of negativity. Beloved, negative principle is sponsored by the flesh; which means, it is the era where you are being controlled by the dictation of the flesh. It is the point whereby, the spirit of God is left out of your life for improper living. Negative principle is a devilish law that governs the people of this world – I mean unbelievers. Satan is a negative being, so he has negative laws to regulating the affairs of those that actually submitted to him!

The first place this negative principle works in a man`s life is destiny affairs. For example, there are a lot of people mostly believers who know too well that they exist for a purpose; but they have purposely refused to discover that purpose why they live, and no matter the teachings they may receive on destiny exploration, it will never move them! That is a negative principle against destiny. The question is, since you have been hearing about destiny messages, when did you ever have a retreat, so you can fast and pray because you are desperate to discover your destiny? If you are not desperate about discovering your destiny, which means your principle does not believe in destiny, which is a damaging principle. Anything that makes you to die the same way you came to the earth, without discharging the purpose why you were created is called a wasted life; and only damaging principle can waste life. There are some other people who have damaging principle thereby, though they discovered their destinies, they will never do anything significant to realize it. And so you hear them say; “If God wants me to be fulfilled, He (God) will do it for me some day.” (Paraphrased) Any principle that makes you leave your responsibilities to God is a bad principle; because you will remain for life without meaningful things to impacting your world! To be optimistic about your great future without doing anything positive to realize full destiny is a bad principle! There are people, who have discovered their destinies, and they are exploring it as well, but they are using their destinies to extract from people without impacting people for good. Any principle that guides your calling of singing ministry, creativity, ministry, business etc., which is recruiting people to do bad things, is a damaging principle. As a pastor, the church you pastor is living by your principle, because you will never teach your followers what you don`t live by. There are pastors that have the damaging principle to extracting money and materials from people, before they can rise. And there are people who have the damaging principle of extracting what will benefit them from churches and pastors, before they rise. It is the way you treat your destiny that determines where you will be someday; but remember that damaging principle will damage a man`s destiny, no matter how he tries to be great!

The second place people exhibit damaging principle is marital affairs. A beautiful lady said to me one that she was not willing to get married to any man, because she can`t submit to any man as a wife. She further said that to be a wife is a life of slavery! As at the time she was telling me, she had given birth to three children for different men! As at the time I met her, she was still single and was suffering from a deadly disease! Her damaging principle kept her in a damaging position in life. She doesn’t need prayers from anyone to be free, because her damaging principle has kept her in a lifetime prison! A lady who worship in a respected church in Nigeria said to me one day that any man that must marry her must pregnant her first before the wedding! As at the time she told me, her major problem in life was marriage; all the men coming her way would use on bed and dump her without marriage! Her damaging principle cages her marital destiny. Early 90s, my uncle who was a pastor married a lady from the same church, in the department of choir; the lady had a damaging principle not to submit to any man as a wife. In my eyes, that marriage was miserable; the lady frustrated the pastor until he (the pastor) became a native doctor (witch-doctor) in my how town! The principle of that lady destroyed her marriage. Beloved, what principle guiding your relationship? There are people that believe that they don`t need to take counsel from anyone before they get married; that is a damaging principle, because that same principle is what you use to govern your marriage. In any relationship you are into, try to observe the principle that governs your partner, and if your partner does not listen to any good advice from anyone, that is the same principle he or she will use to divorce you in marriage! How do you know that you are operating with damaging principle in a relationship? If one to three partners you dated or court or your friends and people around you have confronted you having a certain bad character, which makes many people gave you distance, that is a damaging principle! If you can`t submit to your husband in everything whether he deserves it or not, you are working with a damaging principle! If you can`t love your wife in everything, whether she deserves it or not, you are also working with a damaging principle. If you are not faithful in that relationship, it may not lead to a blissful marriage, because it is a principle. Many marital issues do not need prayers; it only needs change of principle. Double – dating is a damaging principle!      

Beloved, negative principle has destroyed businesses for cheating customers in order to have more gain. Many people believe that until you lie in business transactions, you can`t have a flourishing business; that is a damaging principle! It has destroyed marriages or relationship because of infidelity. It has destroyed careers of stars and genius on earth. It has destroyed churches and ministries – any pastor who encourages members to keep malice with other believers is imparting the spirit of damaging principle on the society. It is damaging principle that has caused disunity among the believers and pastors all over the world. It has destroyed great men from the top. It destroyed King Solomon from the top! It destroyed Samson from the top. It destroyed Nebuchadnezzar from the top! Negative principle can make a man to keep looking for one thing for years, and never be able to get it. Many are still single now because of their damaging principle, many are still jobless today because of their damaging principle etc. Before you blame anyone for where you are, check your principle for marriage, business, job, career, and ministry. Judah Iscariot followed Jesus, but his damaging principle destroyed his life! Gahazi followed Prophet Elisha, but his bad principle destroyed him! Because of bad principle, the sons of the prophet couldn’t collect the mantle of Elijah. It doesn’t matter the pastor you love, follow, read his or her books, watch on airways, your mentor or spiritual father; what will make you great is your principle for living. This is what I have learned; if my principle of living is right, my greatness in life is sure! Be humble enough to check your principle of living today by recalling the different complaints people who love you have made about you and what it has cost you, and you will be able to change the direction of your lifestyle. According to Mahatma Gandhi; “We must become the change we want to see.” This means, act on the principle for the life you want to see, because you determine your lifestyles.  


Father thanks for sending this word to me today; I am blessed for real. Please Lord, forgive me and help me to be free from every damaging principle I have erected for my lifestyles, which has kept me where I am today, and I receive the grace for adjustment right now. Amen!                


Negative principle is a devilish law that governs the people of this world – I mean unbelievers


Lord Jesus, thank you for loving me and dying for my sins; you resurrected for my victory over sin and death. I therefore, ask that you come into my heart, Lord Jesus to be the Lord of my life. Restore me back as a backslider to my stand for you in faith, so I won`t miss out my place in eternity in heaven, Lord. Amen! I confess that I am born again, and I am righteous in Christ Jesus. Glory to God, Amen!

Don`t forget; no one can be hopeless with God! God bless you, and shalom.