Daddy Freeze Dining With “Tax Collectors”

Daddy Freeze Dining With “Tax Collectors”

I once wrote about Adam Oshiomhole—how a one time leader of those defending the common masses turned around to be the leader of those oppressing the common masses.

It is a possibility in all of us in which once given an opportunity to be among those we criticize, we might end up turning our criticisms of them to praises. I called this the spirit of “Oshiomholeism”. In that post, I gave some examples, I will quote just two:

“Watch all those people online that condemn their governors, ministers, president etc for stealing money meant for the masses or other corrupt practices, the day they will have the opportunity to meet with the governor or minister one on one and take selfie with them, watch what they will write and post: My governor bla bla bla, what a humble man to the core. . .yen yen yen.”

“Watch some of us preachers who are against some of these musicians, so called celebrities and some of these politicians, the day they will come to our churches… just listen to the words that we will use on them and the seat we will give them, then you will understand that this thing is in all of us.”

Daddy Freeze came across as one who is fighting against scamming, manipulation of people, extortion of people’s money. He was very vocal on the issue of tithe, most of whom I still agree with. But when he had the opportunity to dine with one of the ogagbatagbatas of all the scammers and fraudsters, did he care to confirm if the source of his wealth is genuine even if he may claim he does not know that he is a fraudster?

When Hushpupi went on and on elaborating how his driver is paid more than the commission of police, how a driver collects 700k, how a cleaner collects 250k, what did Daddy Freeze say?

Daddy Freeze turned around and mock the poor masses who have legitimate source of income all because of a plate of food with Hushpupi.

This is the same Daddy Freeze who is fighting against Mammon…the same Daddy Freeze who is against extortion of the poor masses in the name of tithe….the same Daddy Freeze who is posing as the saviour of the “ignorant” poor masses.

Friends, that Oshiomholeism spirit scares me.

If it has ended there, I won’t have made this post. But to turn around and use religion as a cover immediately he was called out, shows how we easily quote bible like the devil to justify anything.

He not only quoted Mark 2:15 where Jesus dined with Levi the tax collector and sinners, he insulted Christian with a “give away” of 5k if they can interpret that passage.

When Jesus ate with tax collectors and sinners, it is not to praise their sins and wealth, but to bring them to conversion. His eating with Levi and Zacchaeus are clear examples.

When Daddy Freeze quoted Mark 2:15, what point was he trying to make?

That Hushpupi whom he was eulogising in the viral video is now the sinner because he was caught…(In real, Hushpupi is not close to a tax collector, Hushpupi is a fraudster) and him (Daddy Freeze) is now our own version of Jesus who eats with sinners, but unlike the Jesus we know, this one praises sinners for their sins and ill gotten wealth, then insults the poor and those in legitimate businesses because they are enquiring about Hushpupi’s wealth.

O di egwu!

You fight pastors who quote the Bible wrongly to get money. . .you call them fraudsters, then people saw you praising one of the chiefs of all the fraudsters and brought it to your awareness, all of a sudden you start quoting the Bible wrongly to cover your hypocrisy. . .Someone should tell Daddy Freeze that it does not work that way.


Fr Kelvin Ugwu