Coup: Gabon President Bongo Begging Like A Baby, I Do Not Pity Him – Fani-Kayode

Nigeria’s former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, has said he does not have any pity for the deposed President of Gabon, Ali Bongo.

Naija News reported earlier that the Republican Guard of Gabon ousted the democratically elected President Bongo in a coup on Wednesday. The development comes a few days after the country’s general election.

Reacting, however, to the incident, which has attracted attraction across the world, Fani-Kayode mocked the ousted President, saying he was begging like a baby after he and his father had ruled the people of Gabon with an iron fist.

Describing Bongo as a tyrant, the Nigerian politician and a chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), said the latest happening in Gabon would serve as a warning to “the sit-tight tyrants leading other Francophone African countries.”

“This is deposed President Ali Bongo of Gabon. Between he and his father, they have ruled Gabon with an iron fist on behalf of their erstwhile French colonial masters and perpetual modern-day oppressors for 55 years.

“He was removed from power in a military coup this morning, and now he is crying like a baby, begging the world for help and saying that we should “make some noise” on his behalf (whatever that means).

“His message is truly pathetic. It lacks legitimacy and courage, and it is sad, cowardly and pitiful! It is a real show of shame, and I do not pity the tyrant. He is begging like a baby after enslaving his people and handing over his country to the French, and collectively ruling it with his father on their behalf for 55 years.

“This should be a warning to the sit-tight tyrants that lead other Francophone African countries like Togo, Cameroon and Ivory Coast who are doing the same thing. Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso, Guniea, Chad and Sudan, who all faced similar challenges from the French and other former colonial masters, have already made their move. The days of the puppet tyrant and servile dogs that enslave and rule their people on behalf of the French, the British, the Europeans and the neo-colonial imperialists and slave masters are long over. Africa is free,” Fani-Kayode wrote on his Twitter handle.

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