Countdown To Obiano’s 7th Anniversary: Focus on the Anambra International Conference Centre

Countdown To Obiano’s 7th Anniversary: Focus on the Anambra International Conference Centre

With twelve months to handing over to his successor, among the top priorities of Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State is to complete what he tagged as ‘legacy projects’; one of which is the Anambra International Conference Centre (AICC).

The Anambra International Conference Centre, a multi-purpose conference centre flagged – off in December 2018, is designed to serve as Anambra’s main center for conferences and conventions, both local and international. When completed, it is projected to draw international recognition to the state.

The AICC project is a major component of Obiano’s laudable transformation agenda for the state.

The project which is at the roofing stages at the moment was designed by the Ministry of Housing while actual construction is by ZHONGTIAN Construction Limited (ZTC). The contractors work day and night to ensure a timeous delivery.

The urban design task of the project is to create an instantly striking landmark – an iconic structure- at the terminal point of the future extension of the new Millenium City axis (another brainchild of Governor Obiano’s think -home philosophy). It will represent the state government’s vision for Awka Capital Territory City as a cosmopolitan city with excellent infrastructure. This entails that the new complex will not as usual simply occupy public space, but rather, act as a basis for a new urban statement of changing the narrative and for the construction of a prosperous future.

The AICC design is of ultra- modern international standard, with a minimum seating capacity of 10,000 persons. It will house all the facilities and equipment necessary for international conferences and also, would be capable of catering for many functions, such as indoor sports, civic symposiums and a variety of outdoor events.

A trip to the site and a glance at its face-value, one will readily behold a grand entrance foyer with atrium, sub – dividable grand auditorium and ballroom that can double as a mini – stadium, an exhibition hall, meeting rooms, green room, storage spaces, restrooms among others. Also, within the exhibition hall will be a workshop or seminar area for professionals that will be used periodically, no matter the time or season of the year. The roof beams are already in place, giving the superstructure a tinge of completion, but for the roof sheets.

Exterior of the building is designed in such a way that it can comfortably be used to host outdoor events and activities, with a parking space that can accommodate more than one thousand cars. The projected very manicured greenery environment which showcases longevity, sustainability and flexibility will also be a site to behold when completed.

Other external works including drainage system, perimeter fencing, internal roads and parking facilities are all ongoing.

Apart from the fact that the AICC project has become a landmark achievement of Governor Willie Obiano’s administration, it will further project the space occupied by Anambra State to her neighbours and the world. Conversely, because of the ongoing construction of Anambra International Cargo Airport at Umueri, when completed, both projects will attract visitors, thereby increasing the state’s Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) and engender other developments across the length and breadth of the state.

Anambra’s location in Africa is such that we have the biggest market in the continent, Onitsha. With all these additions, we would then have had a very complete state – a hub that other states will emulate and countries will want to use in Africa.

Currently, Anambra doesn’t have any structure that will contain international standard conferences, conventions and the like. One would then say that this is why the governor in his wisdom, has brought all these developments.

It is an undeniable truth that in the end, it is a win – win for ndi Anambra because not only are we getting the airport but also, we have the 10,000 seating capacity AICC. This is why all and sundry, irrespective of political affiliation, social stratification and religious leaning, must join voices to cheer on and encourage the working Willie to complete the Anambra International Conference Center project.