Conor McGregor weighs ‘200lbs plus’ following dramatic body transformation ahead of UFC return, claims Joe Rogan

UFC commentator Joe Rogan reckons Conor McGregor weighs upwards of “200lbs” following his dramatic body transformation.

MMA superstar McGregor has hit the gym hard during his 17-month injury-enforced hiatus from the octagon and put on several pounds of muscle.

INSTAGRAM@THENOTORIOUSMMAConor McGregor has hit the gym hard during his 17-month hiatus[/caption]

INSTAGRAM@THENOTORIOUSMMAThe Notorious has put on several pounds of muscle[/caption]

GETTYUFC commentator Joe Rogan reckons he weighs upwards of 200lbs[/caption]

The Irishman’s newfound physique has stunned several fight fans, including Rogan.

During a recent episode of his Joe Rogan Experience podcast, he said: “Look how jacked he is!”

He added: “Look at the size of him. Bro, look at the size of that guy. He’s 200 plus pounds.”

Rogan partly attributes McGregor’s growth over the last year-and-a-half to him being restricted to training his upper body following his horrific broken leg.

He said: “He’s recovering from a terrible injury, though.

“That’s why it’s taken so long and that’s why he’s [working his upper body] yes.

“[And] getting thick. He broke the tibia and the fibula – both of them snapped.

“That’s a horrific injury to recover from.”


After being shown a recent training image of The Notorious, Rogan said: “Look at the legs on that motherf****r – Jesus.

“So that left leg, that’s the one that broke, is jacked a f****d now.”

Rogan has found himself on the receiving end of a number of a tongue-lashing from McGregor of late – which began after the veteran commentator suggested he’d fail a USADA drug test.

McGregor, 34, hasn’t set foot in the octagon since his ill-fated trilogy fight with Dustin Poirier last July.

The Irishman is targeting a return to the cage early next year, although he’ll only be able to do so if he’s given an exemption for the minimum six-month USADA testing pool requirement.

GETTYConor McGregor is hoping to return to the octagon early next[/caption]

In October, the UFC’s first simultaneous two-weight world champion said: “I’m going to be back soon, hopefully.

“Early 2023 I’m aiming for. Sometime in that first quarter.

“That will give me a good couple of months [to prepare].

“Once I wrap this [filming Road House] up in a couple of days, get the camp going [for] a good couple of months. And get going.”

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