Condemning the Relevance of This Show, Big Brother Naija

Condemning the Relevance of This Show, Big Brother Naija

For days, I have come across posts condemning the relevance of this show, Big Brother Naija, especially considering the devastation going on in our country. I have remained silent and allowed my thoughts to form in order to be balanced in my view.

Our country is falling apart, I agree.

But what happens when all the news channels and media outlets talk about tragedies without the relief of entertainment?

Without that break so you could raise your head out of the water and take a deep breath?

It will feel like a nagging wife. You open your eyes in the morning to nagging. You enter the house late in the evening to nagging. You buy her gifts just to be romantic, and get nagged for buying the wrong colour.

It chokes. It is toxic. It is

Corncerning those who say the show is useless, I have this to say…

Not everything needs to be relevant. Not everything needs to make sense either. That is why it is a show, simply to entertain, to make you laugh, cry, talk or just get worked up and get your panties twisted in a knot.

This country is hard.

Nigeria can make one just wake up and simply run mad for no reason.

Do not make it harder for yourselves.

Do not deprive yourself some relief.

If you choose not to watch Big Brother Naija, good and fine.

But make sure you refrained for the right reasons, and not from guilt or simply for maturity.

So far, I have only watched two seasons of Big Brother. The winners were Karen and Kevin respectively. Then I stopped. Not because I am more mature. I do not watch it of late, not cos of too much sense, but because ‘I no get money to vote again’.

The couple of times I watched, it was for the gbagbos and the occasional display of rare talents, friendship and teamwork. I even auditioned for the show in 2011, but that is story for another day.

What is my point?

This is not to negate the seriousness and more pressing issues at stake in our land.

All I am saying is that in the midst of all these pressure, we should cut ourselves some slacks.

Take a step back, breathe, feel alive.

We only live once. Any pleasure or relaxation you deprive yourself, you cannot come back to life and enjoy it.

We need to balance our worries and concerns. In this country, problem no dey finish. You sleep and wake up, and voila there is a brand new problem on the headlines.

No matter how serious you may be, something different once in a blue moon is not a crime. Our serious Dangote lately went on a ‘blanket’ trip. Even in the heat of severe crisis in America, there is the America’s Got Talent co-host by Simon and several judges.

No matter what, the show must still go on.

In regards the show, all I can say is…

I do not get why the producers are going for contestants who are already doing well in their set path in life.

I would be the biggest applauder if contestants comprise the struggling in need of helpers.

Some say it is a strategy. Well-to-do contestants with a fan base mean more money for the show hosts.

Still, there should be a balance.

The rich and the poor should be given equal chances.

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