Concerns As Flood Submerge Abuja Trademore Estate

Concerns As Flood Submerge Abuja Trademore Estate

Trademore Estate in the Lugbe Area of Abuja has once again fallen victim to flooding, marking the second occurrence in approximately a year.

Distressing videos and images circulating online depict residents urgently appealing to the Federal Government for assistance.

Naija News recalls that during the previous flooding incident, the government had taken steps to demolish houses that were obstructing the natural flow of water. However, certain residents resisted these actions and organized protests in response.

Regrettably, the estate has been engulfed by floodwaters once more on Monday morning, prompting residents to once again plead for aid.

In response to the recent situation, the Federal Capital Territory Emergency Management Department (FEMD) has promptly conducted an assessment to evaluate the extent of the damage.

Addressing the flooding issue during the situation assessment, the acting Director-General (D-G) of FEMD, Florence Wenegieme, said, “There was no distress call from the residents of Trademore Estate. It was a passerby that saw the flooding and called us and there was no report of anybody missing.

“I am here with some members of the residents’ association, and none of them reported that somebody is missing, dead or that somebody was drawn.

“If there is any, we have not received such a report.”

Confirming FEMD’s position, a security man with Pento Security Guard, Eborn Sunday, equally said: “I am not aware of anyone that was killed by the flash flood this morning.

“We were on duty when the rain started around 7 a.m. Suddenly we saw the water level rising up and we started securing our belongings.

“After that, we started helping people whose houses were being submerged to safety. The water flooded the houses towards the estate gate up to window level, but no life was lost.”

Naija News understands that FEMD, in conjunction with representatives from the National Emergency Management Agency, Department of Development Control, Department of Engineering Services, and Fire Service, were present at the location to evaluate the circumstances.

Speaking during the assessment, Wenegieme clarified to the press that the emergency personnel were not authorized to be present at the estate as it had been designated a disaster area in 2022 due to the persistent flooding in the vicinity.

She further mentioned that the incident in 2023 resulted in the submersion of nearly all the residences in the estate.

Additionally, she pointed out that her team was not meant to be at the estate because the inhabitants had taken legal action against the FCT Administration regarding the proposed demolition of all structures constructed on waterways.

She explained that approximately 116 houses were slated for demolition as they were built on waterways, but the FCTA was prevented from carrying out the demolitions by a Court Injunction secured by the residents.

She emphasized that the residences affected by the sudden flood were among the 116 houses earmarked for demolition due to their location on the floodplain.

“The injunction stopped FCTA from removing all obstruction along the waterway, which was part of the solution to the lingering challenge.

“The residents were also advised to move out of the area, but they refused to move.

“We are here again to advise them that they should move out of the location in their own interest,” she said.

The acting D-G further said: “We have just discovered a school on the flood plain with students that could be up to 500, including their teachers, management and other non-academic staff. Their lives are at stake.”

She admonished the school management to relocate the school to safer grounds for the sake of the children and the teachers, including the properties.

She observed that the inhabitants of the area had mobilized their engineers, who devised an engineering solution that seemed to not address the issue at hand.

She requested the residents to relocate and permit the government to implement the required infrastructure.

“You all are not safe when there is flooding. If there is a heavy downpour again, you never can tell what will happen and that is why we don’t want our children, the leaders of tomorrow, to remain here. We are just here to advise you for now,” she said.

Wenegieme added: “But a situation where houses are still sitting on waterways and they are refusing to move, tell me how we will be able to solve the problem?

“If the court injunction is removed, and we are given the opportunity to come and put things in place, the FCT Administration will come and put things in place.”

However, Inemesit Udofot, who serves as the Chairman of the Trademore Estate Residents Association, Phase II, stated that no residential properties were located in areas prone to flooding within the estate.

Udofot argued that the frequent flooding within the estate was primarily due to the water being directed into Trademore by the neighbouring estates.

He further stated that tearing down the houses was not a viable solution.

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