Comparison Between Irokobet and Bet365 Betting Sites

Chief among betting sites in Nigeria are Bet365 and Irokobet. These two betting sites in Nigeria have come a long way to establish themselves among the top betting sites majority of punters bet with. Through quality service delivery and bettor-focused features on their respective betting sites, both sites have been able to attract majority of bettors to their platform. In this article, we will give a comparison of Bet365 and the Irokobet sites by exploring their features, and every other facts that will tell you more about each of them.

Sports Betting

This is the most dominant feature on betting sites. This is because it is one which most punters look out for when on betting sites. Through the Bet365 platform, bettors have access to a wide market of sports, from the most popular ones to the least known. These sports market offered by Bet365 come with attractive odds in the respective categories of sport you find on the platform. Some of the sports market available on Bet365 includes Football, Basketball, Volleyball, biathlon, bowls, boxing, cricket, and so on.

On Irokobet, however, bettors gain added incentives through the sport betting section of the site. The huge number of sports markets available on Irokobet gives them an upper hand when compared to the ones offered on Bet365. The wide range of sports markets on Irokobet allow bettors the freedom to select games from a wide range of sports, including the popular and the less popular ones. Some of these sport options come with competitive odds that gives the platform an edge over Bet365. This is clear from the first page upon visiting Irokobet. Some interesting sports markets you will find on Irokobet includes baseball, floorball, volleyball, badminton, snooker, Futsal, martial arts, and so on.

Live Betting

The ability to follow games as they proceed live has allowed many betting sites to integrate the live betting feature on their betting platforms. Both Bet365 and Irokobet offer this feature to bettors in order to allow bettors the chance to place stakes on respective games which might have already kicked off. It is important to recognize that there are other betting sites around that don’t allow betting on games that is already in progress.


The major difference between the live betting feature on Bet365 and Irokobet is that you can have access to much more live games; reaching up to 2,000 games on a daily basis on Irokobet, while Bet365 offer fewer live games for betting. This is possible in Irokobet since they employ the latest, state of the art technology in the building of the website. That way, punter can easily access and place bets on games already in progress. An additional feature which bettors who place bets on live games stand to enjoy on Irokobet is the Live streaming service on the platform which allows bettors stream different games before placing bets. This gives bettors a good grasp of each event, leading to better predictions and winnings.


Bonuses are the most effective features that attract more bettors to a website. While both of these sites offer wonderful, and attractive offers to punters, Irokobet stands out in this category as well. Bet365 offers 100% welcome bonus capped at £100 while also offering a 50% bonus on each accumulator you stake. Irokobet, however, offer a wider range of bonuses that bettors will find extremely hard to pass up a chance to enjoy. Irokobet offers a welcome bonus worth a staggering €100 to new bettors on the platform. They offer a weekly 15% cash back on all your Cumulative bet amount at the end of the week. What’s more? Irokobet offers a €15,000 hottest jackpot and bonus reaching an astronomical €500 (N250,000) in value and 200 free spins for bettors who take preference in casino games on the platform. These offers are unrivaled by any bonus package on offer by any betting site in Nigeria. It no only give bettors an added incentive for their money, but also brings bettors to their dream winnings. To cap it all off, Irokobet features a five-level rewarding VIP system set up to give their most valued bettors additional incentives for their loyalty and consistent use of the platform.


Without any doubts, Irokobet has a Competitive Edge over Bet365 in almost every aspect of betting. One important aspect that stick out is the incredible number of bonus offers which bettors stand a chance to enjoy on Irokobet. Bettors can be rest assured that they can never get it wrong with