Children in Class Room

Children’s Author Segilola Salami Founds the First Business School for Children Aged 6 to 14 in Abuja, Nigeria

Abuja, Nigeria, Tuesday 24 March, 2020 – With a high rate of poverty that led to many children across Nigeria dropping out of school with no skills, UK based children’s author Segilola Salami founded the Segilola Salami Preparatory School (SSPS) to address both issues.
SSPS is a classroom-less skills acquisition business school for children aged 6 to 14 in Abuja. The school’s curriculum is based on STEAM education but with an enrichment element. The enrichment element focuses on subjects like business administration, sales and marketing, to name a few.

It is Segilola Salami’s vision that on graduation, students of SSPS would not just gain skills across different areas but be able to start up their own businesses and run them successfully in future.
Unlike a typical school that focuses primarily on a student’s academic success, Segilola Salami believes that we should not judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree. Thus, SSPS looks at the whole child and supports all aspects of their learning and development, not just their academic success.

Segilola Salami wants SSPS to be an inclusive school, not just one for children with wealthy parents. To ensure this, SSPS offers a recycling program where the parents of SSPS students can opt to pay for their child’s school fees by recycling plastic bottles and cardboard boxes.

Apart from helping to subsidise the school fees, the recycling program helps keep the local community clean and serves as a learning opportunity for the students as they get to learn about the environment and the importance of looking after our planet.

To register your child for admission this September, please visit the school’s website
To register your child for the SSPS summer school in August, please visit the summer school booking page