CBS announcer Tony Romo slammed for ‘ruining’ Super Bowl moment as fans claim ‘he should have just stayed silent’

TONY Romo has been criticised for his call of Mecole Hardman’s winning touchdown in last night’s Super Bowl.

The former Dallas Cowboy was in the booth for CBS alongside veteran announcer Jim Nantz.

GettyTony Romo called last night’s Super Bowl[/caption]

The Mega AgencyMecole Hardman celebrates his winning touchdown[/caption]

Romo, 43, stepped into the role after retiring from playing back in 2016.

He is under contract through 2030 and reportedly earns $17million a year.

As Hardman grabbed the winning touchdown with just seconds remaining in overtime, Nantz cried: “It’s there! Hardman! Jackpot Kansas City!”

Rather than allow the moment to breathe, and the pictures of Kansas City jubilation to do the talking, Romo then immediately cut in.

He said: “And this was the Andy Reid special we talked about, he was saving all day.

“He’s going to fake a motion to go across, and at that moment he turns and goes back.

“Hardman, who they didn’t have, and they go and get Hardman and bring him back, and the game-winning drive of Mahomes’ career he’s been waiting for.

“He’s won Super Bowls but he’s never had it in an overtime. He is the best. He is the standard with Michael Jordan – wins it again.”

Responding to the call, one fan wrote: “Horrible. Romo has to let Nantz’s call breathe. Romo made the moment worse.”

While a second commented: “He was awful today.”

Referencing the alternative Nickelodeon broadcast, a third added: “I enjoyed SpongeBob and Nickelodeon cast a lot more tonight.”

And a fourth chimed in: “The SpongeBob call of the game winner was legit better and let the crowd and moment do the talking.”

A fifth claimed: “He should have just stayed silent.”

Others, however, defended Romo.

One posted: “But then does a really good explanation of the winning play. His schtick is tiresome, but his analysis is still spot on.”

While a second admitted: “I don’t get the Tony hate on this.”

Another added: “Overblown. Great call and still a pause.”

Over on Nickelodeon, SpongeBob SquarePants and his buddy Patrick Star called the game, in an alternative broadcast designed to get kids interested.

They even had Dora the Explorer on to explain the rules, with one fan cheekily claiming the addition was “for the Swifties”.

GettyRomo, 43, regularly calls games alongside Jim Nantz[/caption]