Burkina Faso’s Junta Suspends Radio Station For Criticising Niger Coup

Burkina Faso‘s government, controlled by the junta, suspended Radio Omega on Thursday after an interview was aired that was seen as “insulting” to Niger’s new military leaders.

The station is part of the Omega media group and owned by journalist and former foreign minister, Alpha Barry.

Communications Minister Rimtalba Jean Emmanuel Ouedraogo announced the immediate suspension “until further notice,” saying it was “in the higher interests of the nation.”

The interview featured Ousmane Abdoul Moumouni, a spokesman for a new Nigerien group aiming to return President Mohamed Bazoum to power after a coup on July 26.

Naija News had earlier reported that a former rebel leader and politician, Rhissa Ag Boula initiated the Council of Resistance for the Republic (CRR), opposing the military junta that seized power on July 26.

The CRR aims to reinstate the detained President Bazoum.

Ouedraogo in reaction to the interview denounced Moumouni’s “insulting comments” and said his organization was “clearly campaigning for violence and war” in efforts to restore Bazoum “by every means.”

Burkina Faso, having experienced two military coups in 2021, promptly aligned with Niger’s new leadership, even warning against military intervention to reinstate Bazoum.

In recent months, the authorities have also suspended several French media outlets, reflecting growing tension between the government and the press.

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