Bryson DeChambeau laughs nervously as he’s asked question about his ‘salty balls’ before explaining bizarre methods

Bryson DeChambeau laughs nervously as he’s asked question about his ‘salty balls’ before explaining bizarre methods

BRYSON DECHAMBEAU has lifted the lid on his unorthodox methods after being asked about his “salty balls”.

The LIV Golf star, 30, has been in fine form at the US Open this week.

RexBryson DeChambeau topped the leaderboard at Pinehurst[/caption]

The 30-year-old was asked an unorthodox question during his press conference

Having topped the leaderboard at Pinehurst, the American was in a playful mood during his press conference.

Following a fine round that saw DeChambeau give himself a shot at glory, he was asked about why he soaks his golf balls in salt.

After receiving the question, the 2020 US Open winner laughed before saying: “Thanks for the salty balls question.”

He then continued: “Yeah, I put my golf balls in Epsom salt.

“I’m lucky enough that Connor, my manager, does that now. I don’t have to do it. But essentially we float golf balls in a solution to make sure that the golf ball is not out of balance.

“There was a big thing back in the day where golf balls are out of balance, and it’s just because of the manufacturing process.

“There’s always going to be an error, especially when it’s a sphere and there’s dimples on the edges. You can’t perfectly get it in the centre.

“So what I’m doing is finding pretty much the out-of-balanceness of it, how much out of balance it is.


“Heavy slide floats to the bottom, and then we mark the top with a dot to make sure it’s always rolling over itself.

“It kind of acts like mud. If there’s too much weight on one side, you can put it 90 degrees to where the mud is on the right-hand side or the mud is on the left-hand side.

“I’m using mud as a reference for the weight over there. It’ll fly differently and fly inconsistently.

“For most golf balls that we get, it’s not really that big of a deal.

“I just try to be as precise as possible, and it’s one more step that I do to make sure my golf ball flies as straight as it possibly can fly because I’m not that great at hitting it that straight.”

DeChambeau, aiming to win his second major, led the leaderboard by three shots going into the final evening of play.

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