Bobby Lashley ‘fired by WWE for attacking referee and officials’ after losing to Seth Rollins in No1 Contender match

WWE superstar Bobby Lashley has been “fired” after Monday’s dramatic main event on RAW.

Lashley. 46, faced Seth Rollins in a No1 Contender’s Match for the US Championship, with the winner going on to face Austin Theory for the belt in an unspecified date.

Bobby Lashley has been “fired” by WWE after the main event of RAW

Bobby Lashley controversially lost a No1 Contender’s Match to Seth Rollins

The MMA hero applied his Hurt Lock submission on Rollins, who drove his opponent towards the turnbuckle where referee Chad Patton was standing and hastily jumped out of the ring.

Patton appeared to have hurt his ankle during an awkward landing while Lashley delivered a thunderous Spear to floor The Architect.

But the official took a long time to return to the ring and that allowed Rollins to kick out at the count of two.

Lashley tried another Spear but The Visionary caught him in mid-air and smashed him with a stunning Pedigree to pick up the win.

The All Mighty was fuming after the bell as he cornered Patton in the turnbuckle complaining about his slow count earlier.

The ref tried to walk away but the ex-Bellator star grabbed him from his shirt and pushed him back before continuing to lash out.

Another referee entered the ring and stood behind the four-time world champion, who then accidentally elbowed him.

WWE official Adam Pearce rushed to the ring and was heard telling the American grappler that his “hands are tied”, suggesting he was about to fine him.


But then Lashley also shoved Pearce, who got infuriated and was heard using profane language for which he later apologised on Twitter.

The 44-year-old official then angrily confronted Lashley and yelled at him that he was fired.

Pearce then walked back to the stage while the ex-WWE Champion stood in shock.

Of course, this is just a storyline as released footage of backstage interviewer Byron Saxton approaching Lashley, who refused to comment.

Bobby Lashley shoved WWE official Adam Pearce following a heated exchange

Adam Pearce fired Bobby Lashley after he also assaulted two referees

The ex-ECW Champion wouldn’t have been filmed if he was really sacked.

Pearce was also questioned but he remained cagey as he said: “With all due respect Byron, but seriously? It just happened. You saw what happened.

“It would be very very premature for me to comment at this time. Thank You.”

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