Betking vs. iAuctionX Review

So you want to earn some extra cash in Nigeria on the side while working on your day job and you’re unsure where to park your hard-earned money. This article will compare a betting site, Betking, and an auction site, iAuctionX to see which is better.

It is to be said that you can earn some serious cash from both platforms but one of them is far superior to the other and this article will compare and clearly show which money-making method is best for you based on your preferences.


225% bonus: On betking, you get a 225% bonus on winnings. Although this bonus is huge and winning it can be amazing, the probability that you’ll lose your money on the bet is high. Sports betting is a chance game and there is a possibility that you will lose your money if your bet does not pan out.

Fast payout: Betking can boast in terms of fast payouts. It doesn’t matter whether you win on a Saturday or Sunday. You’ll get your money that same day after withdrawal. Betking’s payment is one of the best in the world, processing your funds in less than 24 hours.

Amazing customer support: Customer support is the bedrock of any business and without it, that business will lose its customers. The customer service of Betking is good and you can get them through several channels like phone, email, and chat.

Easy-to-use website: Their website is user-friendly, making it simple for all online players and agents to use. Whether you are on a laptop, desktop computer, or a handheld device, the user experience is incredible and betking delivers on it.

Great odds: With the competitive odds offered by betking, you have a higher probability of earning more money on your bets.


Bid small to win big: The crazy thing about iAuctionX is that you can bid a small amount and earn prizes worth a thousand times more than what you bid. It all depends on whether people want it or not, and if they don’t you’re in luck.


Eliminates negotiations: If you’re the type of buyer who is unwilling to go through uneasy negotiation processes to buy something, iAuctionX is your best bet because you don’t have to talk to anyone or negotiate anything in person. All you have to do is click on your mouse and make your bid.

Convenience: You can bid on whatever item you want from the comfort of your home and you can bid on multiple items at once. You don’t need to go to the market and waste time haggling over something you could have gotten at a cheaper price online.

You have a great time: Bidding is fun. And even if you don’t get your chosen item, you are eager to jump on another item to bid on. You consider how much you will bid; you will observe the opposing bidders and often talk with them afterward if you want.

Honest transactions: Auctions are very well-organized, and the rules are simple. Members are protected by a code of ethics that safeguards buyers from unethical auction practices. This means that if you win an item, you get the item immediately.

You set your price: When auctioning, you are in charge of setting how much you wish to bid on an item. If you are not comfortable with going further, you can close your bid.

If you lose, you keep your money: Unlike sports betting, when you lose an auction, you keep your money to bid on another item. iAuctionX will not take your money because you did not win the auction.


Betking and iAuctionX have their various merits because you can win huge prizes if you play the game right. But if you ask me to choose between Betking and iAuctionX, I’ll give the edge to iAuctionX because here you can’t lose your money; which is the number one rule of investing. To play lotto online in Nigeria today visit