Betking and Irokobet: between Greater and Better

With so many betting sites propping up daily and offering pretty much the same rates and bonuses, it is only to be expected that comparing sport Betting sites has become the new past-time of the internet.

This ease though has produced controversial comparative reviews which apart from being biased, are simply not informative because the Betting Companies in review may not even be close rivals.

For instance, Euro Vs Dollar makes for a more balanced read than Naira Vs Dollar, no offense to the humble Naira.

 Comparisons should focus on essentials of Online Betting like bonuses, user interface, and pay-outs and not the colour of the Betting website or what celebrity endorses it.

Unable to resist indulging in this new past-time, we’ll be attempting to at least get it right by  comparing the betting services for sake of evenness of the two biggest players in the Nigerian betting market right now:

Irokobet and Betking


Betking has grown to royalty status among pundits nationwide. It is usually the company other online Betting sites are held up to for comparison.

Most don’t measure up from the start because start welcome bonuses are so inviting and the promotions? Enticing.


That has grown large enough to be mentioned in the same breath as Betking is a testament to how many giant leaps this relatively new sports betting Company has taken to break into the betting marketspace, and serving bettors better.

Such status had not come cheap. It had taken mouth-watering bonuses and scintillating promotions designed to be irresistible.

The betting outfit manages to provide more Bonuses than everyone else while guaranteeing faster pay-outs and more diverse currencies for payment.

Having upset the Apple cartto put itself in the spotlight, Irokobet has not only measured up to Betking in some regards but has set some new standards for itself as well. As both heavyweights bring out the best from each other, the Betting audience has to decide the best place to cast thy lots.

To decide between Irokobet or Betking is to compare how they fare in dispensing the exclusive services that set them apart from the competition. These are:

  • Ultracompetitive Bonuses
  • Superior user interface
  • Variety of payment options
  • Impressive customer service
  • Higher pay-out speed and limits


Betking offers 100% on your first deposit. Think about this. If you deposit N10k, that’s N20k It’s amazing isn’t it? Every Nigerian must have created a Betking account just to enjoy that.

  Irokobet also guarantees the same 100% welcome bonus on your first deposit. However, unlike Betking, this 100% isn’t a one-time offer. It’s available every week! Now that’s even more amazing!

User interface

What separates the Big players like Irokobet and Betking from the rest playing catch up is the smooth easy to use and clutter free navigation on both mobile and desktop sites of both betting outfits. Ads are kept to a minimum and navigation is easy on both sites. Irokobet even does one better by making a truly intuitive mobile app available on the Google play store.

Payment options

We initially thought that having the most diverse options for payment was the exclusive privy of Irokobet as it allows deposits in various currencies, but we found out that Betking also has pretty much the same options to pay in Naira, Euro, dollars etc.

 Apart from Bitcoin (accepted only by Irokobet), both betting sites set the standard for diverse paying options.

Customer service

 Customer service is the last thing on the bettor’s mind when choosing an online sport betting Company. But you never know when you’re going to need assistance.

Betking and Irokobet offers the fastest and most responsive customer service in the Betting business. Although we’ve not had to try, Irokobet lists their customer response time as “15 seconds or less”. That’ll take some beating.

Pay-out limits and speed

This has so far been the only sticking point for Betking. It’s customers do complain of payout speed being proportional to winnings.

“It’s as if it pained them to pay me my winnings.” Kunle, who had to wait six days for his Betking jackpot complained.

It didn’t actually “pained them” though. You see, Betking has hidden limits on how much you can withdraw and it doesn’t payout on public holidays.

 This has been the excelling point on Irokobet which has the highest withdrawal limit of any sport betting site. And it’s payout is 24/7 unhindered by public holidays or weekends. Irokobet pays everyday and twice on Sundays!


From the above comparison we’ve done, it’s apparently easier to pick out Betking and Irokobet from the bunch of the lot than to decide on either of the two. It’s like choosing between greater and better.