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Buy Cryptocurrencies like BTC and USDT in Nigeria using different payment methods, on a platform that is fast, easy, private, and secure. Get your free wallet and account from Shift Market today and trade in Nigeria and any part of the world.

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Cheap and instant worldwide payments

The transaction costs of cryptocurrencies are low and payment can take place almost immediately and worldwide. This will be of great benefit to you if you want to trade with cryptocurrency whether in Nigeria or anywhere else.

Your cryptocurrency will be under your management

No one else can have access to your crypto coins whether you are in Nigeria or in any part of the world as long as you know the password of your digital wallet. Transactions with cryptocurrencies are peer-peer transactions which can be done without the intervention of a bank.

High level of privacy

Cryptocurrency offers you privacy when you make payments as you do not have to provide personal data and the transaction takes place anonymously which will be beneficial to you whether you live in Nigeria or another country.

Your cryptocurrency goes where you go

You don’t have to be in Nigeria to make use of your cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency can be stored in a digital wallet that can be managed from your computer, phone, and can also be stored in a hardware wallet. Which means you can manage cryptocurrency accounts anywhere in the world.

Banking the unbanked

Some people in Nigeria and people abroad do not have access to a bank account, cryptocurrency makes it possible for you to carry out financial transactions via biometrics. All you need is a mobile phone.

Guaranteed security

People in Nigeria don’t trust easily when it comes to a financial transaction which is why cryptocurrency is good for you. In cryptocurrency, cryptography guarantees the security of your transactions, independence of operations from a central authority and protection from double-spending.

Shift.Market currently supports all the most popular Cryptocurrencies.

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A step-by-step guide on how to buy crypto on Shift Market in Nigeria.

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I choose Shift Market?

We have experienced brokers that are available 24/7 to help you learn more about cryptocurrency so you can make an informed decision.

How secure is Shift Market?

We have one of the world’s most sophisticated systems in place to ensure that your security is never compromised.

Do I have to buy a whole Bitcoin?

Bitcoin can be purchased fractionally, so you don’t need to buy a full Bitcoin to own some.

How do I actually buy Bitcoin at

After you’ve signed up, you can deposit local currency to your account and follow the instructions.

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