BBNaija: Are Nigerians Really Suffering Or Is It Just Entitlement Mentality – Reno Omokri

Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has said that the Nigerian economy might not be as bad as people make it out to be.

According to the political analyst, Nigerians claim to be suffering but can afford to spend billions for cable and data subscriptions to watch the BBNaija show

He lamented that the amount of money used in indulging in the reality show does not yield anything productive but on the contrary, corrupts the morals of the people.

Omokri wondered if Nigerians were truly suffering or simply feeling entitled because of the years spent relishing in a subsidised economy and paying little or no tax.

Speaking via Twitter, he wrote, Omokri, “We keep saying Nigerians are suffering now more than ever, And to an extent, there is an element of truth in that statement. But look at the amount of money people who are meant to be facing an all-time high suffering are spending to vote for #BBNaija housemates. Nigerians spend billions of Naira weekly for data and cable subscriptions to watch Big Brother in 2023.

“Then we are spending further billions monthly on data and SMS to vote for Big Brother housemates. These billions of Naira are not going into anything productive. And yes, in an election year, politicians like myself will not mind courting votes from Big Brother adherents. But the truth is that what we consume mentally from that show does nothing positive to our mindset. Quite the opposite, it is corrupting our morals.

“And the billions we spend on data, cable subscriptions and SMS voting is called disposable income in economics. And if you study economics, you realise that hungry people have no disposable income.

“So, I ask again, are Nigerians really suffering? Is our economy that bad? Or is it that decades of fuel and other subsidies, and paying little or no tax have just given us the mother of all entitlement mentalities?

“Nigeria has its own fair share of challenges. However, when you take everything into consideration, we are a blessed country more than we are a stressed nation.”

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