BBC presenter Emma Louise Jones mocks fan who sent her creepy X-rated message in hilarious ‘DM Helpline’ clip

EMMA LOUISE JONES has mocked a fan who sent her a creepy X-rated message on social media.

The Leeds United TV and BBC Sport star shared a witty video of herself posing to be a hotline assistant speaking to the creep who is referred to as “Simon”.

Instagram @eljonesukEmma Louise Jones brilliantly hit back at a creep online[/caption]

instagramShe posted a video of her mocking their gross DMs[/caption] is known for her work presenting on BBC and for Leeds United TV[/caption]

Emma, 33, has a massive following online with over 400,000 followers on Instagram.

She is a fan favourite for her work as a sports presenter however she does attract some creeps.

This includes some that send her creepy X-rated messages into her DMs.

However, she has come up with a brilliant way of mocking them in the hope of deterring future offenders.

In a video posted to her Instagram account, she can be seen wearing a headset to appear as though she is working in a call centre for the “DM Helpine.

She then speaks to “Simon” who sent her messages saying “Hey Emma, show us your t**s please” and “Keep up the good work”.

To which Emma responded: “Do you think that is an appropriate conversation starter Simon?”

After mimicking a response, she added: “I know you said please, but you did still ask a woman that you have never met to show you her t**s.

Instagram / @eljonesukShe has had to deal with creeps on more than one occasion[/caption]

Twitter / @eljonesukEmma receives a lot of attention on social media[/caption]

“I know you told her to keep up the good work, but you still asked a woman that you have never met to show you her t**s.

“My advice to you would be to stop asking women to show you their t**s.”

It is not the first Emma has opened “the DM Helpline”, as she did the same to “Sniffy Dave” back in May.

And her fans loved the skit as they took to the comment section. has over 400,000 followers on Instagram[/caption]

Instagram @eljones90Emma has worked for Leeds TV and BBC[/caption]

One fan commented: “These skits are funny but it’s a serious message.”

A second wrote: “I really do enjoy these. I know there shouldn’t need to be a reason to post them in the first place hopefully it raises awareness.”

A third said: “Was waiting for the next DM Helpline episode. It didn’t disappoint. Pure comedy.”

While another added: “Comedy genius but with a serious message.”

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